Recording exposure of the Norwegian collision accident call: "The tanker is yelling"

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Recording exposure of the Norwegian collision accident call: "The tanker is yelling"

2018-11-14 20:25:00 287 ℃

Local time Sunday evening, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence authorized the “Norwegian News Network” to update the current status of the current “Esta” frigate. The Norwegian Ministry of Defence said: "At present, the status of the 'Instar' has been completely stabilized. We have started further exploration work and at the same time, we are sure that we will move the 'Instar' to Bergenha. Maintenance of the Consol Naval Base." However, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence refused to disclose the schedule, but said that "there are still a lot of trivial tasks that will take some time."

The Norwegian Evening Post published a radio call at the time of the collision, before the collision occurred, the Greek tanker " Sola asked twice for the Fideau Ship Navigation Management Center, which is responsible for the waterway here. It is a ghost on the radar chart with a high speed of 17 knots and a collision with the ship.

  • The management center replied at the beginning: "Oh no, this is one, hey, I don't know what this is, I didn't report it to me, I just saw it on the radar screen. Highlights." (Nei, det er en, eh. Jeg har ikke fått noen opplysninger om den. Den har ikke rapportert til meg. Jeg cor bare at den dukker opp på skjermen her)
  • The management center responded after coordination confirmation "She may be the "Ista" frigate, she just passed through the northern jurisdiction."

The radar map of the Fideau Ship Navigation Management Center, with the "English" in the red circle and "in the basket" "Sola", the red circle was in the "unrecognized" state.

Two minutes before the collision occurred, "Sola" and "Instar" established a radio contact:

  • "Saura" tanker: "Do you want to drive over?";
  • "Ista" frigate: "Yes, that's right";
  • "Sola": "Please turn right at the right";
  • "English": "In that case, my ship will be too close to the shoal";
  • "Sola": "If your ship is going to continue to drive, right rudder, must";

7 seconds of silence;

The "Instar" is recognized and the speed is also determined to be 17 knots, which is the highest speed of the channel.

  • " Instar": "I have already played a few degrees to the right, I will pass";
  • "Sola": "Useless!" Helge Instar, you What must be done, your ship is too close (I ship)";
  • "Sola": "Steer! We will hit here!!"; (Helge Ingstad'! Dreh Wir werden kollidieren)

15 seconds of silence, simultaneous collisions

  • Sola reported to the Air Traffic Control Center: "I ran into , is the warship";
  • Air Traffic Control Center: "Received";
  • The Air Traffic Control Center is still asking: "Is your ship connected to the warship?"

The collision occurred, and the speed of the "Instar" was 7 knots. Obviously, there is nothing in human technology that can make more than 5,000 tons of giants brake from 17 knots to 7 knots in a few seconds, unless it hits another giant.

26 seconds of silence

  • Air Traffic Control Center: "'Esta', here is the air traffic control, have you heard it?";
  • "English": "Hi ~ 'Herger Insta'; (Hei, datte er Helge Ingstad)
  • Air Traffic Control Center: "Are you sure that your ship is involved in a collision with the port of Stura?"
  • "English": "Yes";
  • "English": "We were just near the northern part of the fjord";
  • < Li>Air Traffic Control Center: “We have activated the alarm and started trying to coordinate the situation”.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence is currently silent on this call record, and the media began to criticize the "Instar" and the ship management center's dereliction of duty Because there is a requirement that the management center must quickly grasp the dynamics of any ship entering the 24m class above the jurisdiction, and the ship has the responsibility to immediately report its own dynamics to the jurisdiction management center. Obviously, the initial call does not show this.