Yang Wei re-explodes three great things, the unsolved mystery of the 20th and 6th generation machines is open, completely different from the West.

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Yang Wei re-explodes three great things, the unsolved mystery of the 20th and 6th generation machines is open, completely different from the West.

2018-11-14 20:25:05 389 ℃

歼20 too sci-fi

November 13, 2018, Just after the Zhuhai Airshow, the focus interview did a special topic, interviewing Yang Wei and test pilots on the key issues of China's 歼20. Among them, Yang Wei’s words were very euphemistic, and the amount of information was very large. He carefully read it three times and suddenly KC became bloody.

Yang Wei revealed three points:

One is the vector engine to use?

The 歼-10B thrust vector verification machine debuted at the Zhuhai Air Show for the first time. It completed a series of classic dazzling and difficult movements such as Cobra Maneuvering and Falling Leaves, showing the world in the field of vector engines in China. A major breakthrough.

Yang Wei

Yang Wei said that thrust vector is a general-purpose technology, as long as there is a need We will not hesitate to apply this technology to new aircraft. It is speculated that this new aircraft should refer to the modification of the 歼-20, that is, the 歼-20B version equipped with WS-15. Equipped with the thrust vector, it can reduce the action of the canard and help the stealth effect.

The second is whether the 歼20 organic cannon and aerial refueling capacity?

Yang Wei revealed that the three characteristics of the 歼20 are actually not displayed at the air show. This is the key advantage of the 歼20 fighter.

歼-20 itself The first highlights the stealth, the second highlights the long-range strike ability, and the third highlights the ability of information-based operations. These outstanding points can't actually be displayed at the air show.

歼20 aerial fueling pipe

歼20 Whether it has the ability to refuel in the air, the reporter said that it is available during the on-site interview. There is a built-in fueling probe on the right side of the aircraft, but the mosaic. Having an air refueling means a larger combat radius.

蜀中行分析: From the TV screen, the 歼20 is still a telescopic refueling tube, and it should be a hose. In the future, it is also possible to use the F22 back pipe to refuel, which is determined by the development of the Chinese tanker.

The third is to specify the six-generation machine standard in China?

Yang Wei said that the West defines the third-generation machine four-generation machine standard. Before the Chinese aviation industry followed this standard to catch up with the West.

The fifth and sixth generations are currently not defined in the western developed countries, and their strategic needs are not exactly the same as our strategic needs, so the process of true future innovation and development, we No matter from the demand or the technical, it will be different, and the aircraft shape will be different.

The sixth generation machine is very different

蜀中行分析:Yang Wei This means that the fifth generation will have a Chinese genre, and it is very euphemistic to show that China wants to define the international five-generation machine six-generation machine standard, and that China and Western technical standards and needs are not the same, maybe the six generations of machines and the West are not in form. same! This material is full of blasts. It seems that the six-generation aircraft has been well-established, only waiting for the first flight.

Viago said, cross-domain, system, not just the aviation field, so it’s easy to understand, it should be Air-to-air aircraft ! ! ! Two years ago, the 歼20 suddenly appeared in the Zhuhai Air Show. Today, it is a large-scale declassification. Those with a little military common sense know that the next generation of fighters has entered a substantive stage. The law of China is to open up the generation, equip one generation, and pre-research a generation. Without a 10% grasp, there will be no public 歼20.

The next generation of fighters will be Transformers

J-20 chief designer told CCTV that the next generation of Chinese fighters will be in the science fiction film!

Future fighter imagination Figure

Because of the technical reserve for many years, China has now entered the stage of the Great Leap Forward. Yang Wei does not seem to brag. Personally, Fei Fei has already created the next generation prototype concept machine. In the future, China's Transformers version of the sixth-generation machine really wants to stun the world's attention like the 歼-20.

Beyond the limit, it is amazing, China has finally led the global air and space technical standards!