After China announced the built-in magazine of the 歼-20 stealth fighter, the western evaluation came with a gorgeous turn.

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After China announced the built-in magazine of the 歼-20 stealth fighter, the western evaluation came with a gorgeous turn.

2018-11-14 20:25:06 278 ℃


On November 11, 2018, the 歼-20 stealth fighter exposed the built-in magazine in Zhuhai Afterwards, the Western evaluation came with a gorgeous turn. In the past, all kinds of depreciation and even the plagiarism of the F22 were gone. Some experts publicly exclaimed: The Chinese are simply geniuses! The problem that F22 did not solve was solved perfectly.

The British commentary said that if it was not a Russian-made engine and replaced with a domestic WS-15 engine, then the performance of the 歼20 in Zhuhai would be perfect.

American Times magazine’s military Rogge commented that the outside magazine of the 歼20 is one of the most fascinating aspects of the J-20 design. It is a genius, Beyond the design idea of ​​F22. The F-22 can only open the outside of the silo and open the fire. When the missile is finished, the magazine can be closed, which seriously affects stealth and pneumatics. Americans also know that this is a weakness, but it has not been resolved. I did not expect the Chinese to solve it with a simple mechanism, and the structure is not complicated.

Yang Wei

The United States said that China announced the 歼-20 stealth fighter built-in magazine, which The Sub-Zhuhai Missile Demonstration demonstrated the "advantages" of the J-20 against the top fighters F-22 and F-35 in the United States, and the "increasing confidence" of the PLA, proving that this J-20 aircraft will "have challenged China with the future." Fighting with competitors."

The arrival of the J-20 will change the air balance forces in the Asia Pacific region. Think about the past, only the United States and allies in Asia have the ability to arm stealth fighters, but now, the air monopoly in this region has been defeated by China's 歼-20.

Sam Roger Wein, an international expert on the international issue at the Loy Institute in Australia, said that the number of drone projects launched in China has been "dazzling" in recent years. The machine market has a "strong position".

Ron Hosken, a regional security expert at the Australian National University, said that Zhuhai Air Show shows China's booming aerospace industry and growing confidence in its technology.

The Associated Press interviewed a beautiful woman in Zhuhai. She said very well: "I think this is great. I may not be an airplane expert, but I can feel the changes that are happening in China. China's strength is slowly increasing and its international status is getting higher and higher."

This is the greatest significance brought by Zhuhai Air Show. Our 歼20 is not plagiarized, it is China's innovation. Developed with high-tech fighters with Chinese wisdom.

The wrong type of loading

The problem that everyone cares most, 歼20 is 4 in 2 Nearly, it is still close to 6 in 2, the answer is that it can be 4 in 4, and it is wrongly loaded. There is a picture on the Internet before. According to the netizen's statement, with Yang Wei's character, you can do 6 in 2, and you can't just do 4 in 2!