Merkel is so sophisticated, finds the reason for the European army, but the United States is furious but cannot refute

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Merkel is so sophisticated, finds the reason for the European army, but the United States is furious but cannot refute

2018-11-16 10:25:54 173 ℃

Oubei is about to make Europe! This is the most effective control method for the United States since Europe since World War II. Although all members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are nominally equal, because the actual control of NATO is in the hands of the United States, the defense of Western European countries is under the control of the United States. Therefore, for a long time in major military, political, and foreign policy, all European countries have had to take the lead of the United States. Although the United States has long been aware of Europe through NATO control, since all countries have opposed the Soviet Union as the primary goal during the Cold War, no European allies have publicly mentioned this issue.

U.S. attempts to use NATO to drag Europe into a new confrontation

However, the world situation has undergone major changes. The Soviet Union has ceased to exist as a traditional strategic opponent, and Europe is no longer facing an imminent military threat. However, NATO still exists, and the United States still has its own name for the sake of its own self-sufficiency. For a long time, many countries have accumulated dissatisfaction in their hearts. Finally, a country first stood up - French President Mark Long publicly claimed that it is necessary for Europe to establish its own army in order to resist the military invasion of Russia, China and the United States! This statement immediately became a world.

Marcon said that Europe should establish its own army

< p> US President Trump responded immediately! Because this is simply the rhythm of the rebellion against Big Brother. Trump swiftly waved three dragons: the United States and Russia tied for the role of invading Europe, France you are too insulting; since you want to rebel to build your own army, then please fill in NATO Military fees; finally, the French are also invited to pay attention to morality, not to cross the river to dismantle the European protectors. Trump's counterattack quickly slammed France, and Mark Long immediately clarified: misunderstanding! It’s all misunderstanding! I am not saying that we want to establish a European army, just to express the independence of Europe!

The eyes of the country are too busy to admit their mistakes. The Americans are overjoyed: France’s first bird was shot dead, and no one dared to say that it was necessary to establish a European army. However, the Americans are miscalculated and stand on the other big European country on the 14th. German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech in the European Parliament, clearly claiming that Europe needs to establish its own army. Only when explaining the reasons for the establishment of the European army, Merkel’s statement is very different from that of Mark Long. Merkel believes that "European army will prove to the world that there is no more war inside Europe"! For Merkel’s remarks, the European Parliament immediately gave a warm applause.

Merkel found a more reasonable reason for the European army.
< /p>

Compared with Mark Long’s passionate impulses, Merkel’s speech fully demonstrates his political sophistication. In essence, Mark Long and Merkel mean exactly the same, they all want to establish an independent European army. Only the reason for the establishment of the military on both sides is completely different: the French said that "the establishment of the European army is to resist the invasion of China, the United States and Russia and other big countries. This kind of Don Quixote-style theory is obviously to give people a handle and let Trump has the opportunity to give the French a bang! And Merkel’s “establishing the European army to show the world’s unity to the world” is so grandiose that it not only allows European countries to respond publicly, but also makes Americans angry but Unable to refute. What can Trump say? In the face of Merkel's vibrating arm, the Americans are no longer narcissistic and they don't know what to expect. The European independent army is getting rid of US control. The trend of the times!