Norway accused the Russian military of shielding the GPS and causing the ship to sink! Russian experts: Why don't you use Beidou?

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Norway accused the Russian military of shielding the GPS and causing the ship to sink! Russian experts: Why don't you use Beidou?

2018-11-17 00:25:22 354 ℃

The Aegis ship sank and Norway claimed $500 million from Russia. According to the news of, Norway revealed that NATO has obtained conclusive evidence that during the period from October 16 to November 7, the Russian military conducted large-scale electronic interference on various areas around Norway, resulting in the participation of NATO. The coalition forces were unable to receive GPS signals. Many military aircraft had suffered serious threats of losing positioning information during the flight, but did not cause serious accidents. Only the Norwegian Instar Aegis destroyer suffered an accident.

The wrecked "Ista" frigate is the second of the five Nansen-class Aegis frigates owned by Norway. The ship, with a full displacement of 5,000 tons, is only a little larger than China's 054A missile frigate, but the cost is as high as 550 million US dollars. The main ship is equipped with an expensive US-made AN/SPY-1F phased array radar. The sinking of the ship meant a heavy loss for the Norwegian Navy. How can this breath be swallowed, so the brush pot master appeared.

Norwegian Ministry of Defence said on November 13 that the sinking of the Norwegian Aegis ship could not be separated from Russia, Zeus Norway The reason why the shield ship sank was because Russia interfered with the GPS signal of the NATO Trident exercise area. After the Norwegian Aegis ship lost its GPS signal, it accidentally collided with the tanker. Russia should compensate for the damage caused by Norway.

This is a photo of the Norwegian Navy when the battleship sank, the proper Royal Navy Fan! A full son of Viking! Looking at it now, the maritime nation is no different. The two buddies on the picture seem to be showing off: "Look, this Aegis ship is what we are sinking!"

According to a report by the Russian satellite news agency on November 14, Russian experts said that the Norwegian request is simply nonsense, that is, unreasonable and noisy. Franz Klintsevier, member of the Defense Council of the Russian Federation, believes that the failure of the GPS satellite navigation system in the NATO exercise is the result of insufficient technical equipment and training preparations for the NATO military. It lacks minimum professional skills, but NATO follows the mindset. To the fault of a brain to the Russian soldiers.

But Russian experts also said that Russia does have the ability to interfere with GPS. The Russian military deployed the most modern strategic-level electronic warfare system in the vicinity of the NATO large-scale military exercise, including the "Murmansk-BN" and "Samarkand" electronic warfare systems. They are the most powerful long-range electronic warfare systems in the world, which can interfere with and block radar communications, satellite positioning and various radio signals of NATO troops within a thousand kilometers during wartime.