Anglo-American law exhibits a variety of six-generation aircraft models, the next seven generations of aircraft may be leaked in the United States

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Anglo-American law exhibits a variety of six-generation aircraft models, the next seven generations of aircraft may be leaked in the United States

2018-11-17 00:25:22 298 ℃

Speaking of future fighters, everyone thought of the six-generation models of the United Kingdom and France and the United States. The biggest feature of these models is the use of the lift-free tailless delta design. Vector technology, it can be said that a variety of similar layout of the fighter program, almost invisible wash the audience's brain, let everyone think that the future fighter is like this.

The popular six-generation machine model is like this, this is the French Dassault company program

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This is a fighter program in the United States, looks similar, almost becomes a world trend

But, look Looking farther, the range is a bit larger, not limited to aviation. These exhibitions may be rushed through the passengers. The truly advanced fighters are flying overhead. This is the world’s first space plane, or the first space fighter. X-37B.

This kind of chubby guy looks like human and animal is harmless, but it will make people completely Light Transmission

The X-37B is a space orbit maneuver between the space shuttle and the average aircraft. It looks like a space shuttle and combines some of the features of a space shuttle, a regular airplane and a satellite. It can be quickly and extensively maneuvered to any location on the Earth within two hours and stays in space for a long time. The X-37B can carry different mission loads as needed, perform reconnaissance, early warning, navigation, communication and delivery, reclaim, capture or destroy satellites, and even use hypersonic weapons to quickly strike the ground .

The X37B space plane's request is to reduce the risk of spacecraft development through a large number of space flight demonstration verification tests, support space long-term development plans, and finally obtain a reusable, long-term in-orbit It also performs orbital maneuvers and has the ability to re-launch within 72 hours after returning to the ground.

It can be dispatched again in 72 hours. This is a very scary ability

You can see from above In fact, this is an almost omnipotent space fighter. It can be used as a reconnaissance plane, an early warning aircraft, a communication relay machine, a satellite attack aircraft, equipped with advanced weapons such as supersonic missiles or laser guns or electromagnetic guns. Ground or air targets launch attacks. Looking down from space, any human-designed stealth aircraft is not invisible. Any aircraft is as slow as a reptile, feeling as disparate as driving and walking.

The world's most advanced fighter F22 is only about 800 meters per second, but X37B is 8 kilometers per second

The existing stealth aircraft design, the most taboo is to avoid the frontal radiation of radar waves, this is called specular reflection, the radar reflection cross section can reach several thousand or even tens of thousands of square meters, B2 stealth bomber from the front, American The propaganda is only 0.001 square meters, which almost allows the enemy radar to find the distance to a single digit kilometer, but if the radar is illuminated from above the plane, the distance is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

The existing stealth aircraft are facing the ground and airborne radar, and immediately break the space radar

For the X37B, which has great military potential and can become a universal killer overnight, even if the Americans are obscured many times, China and Russia can see the dangers behind them. In order to cope with this situation, Russia has begun tracking research on such space fighters, perhaps this is the future six-generation or seven-generation aircraft.

In the decision-making decision of the sixth-generation aircraft, China is continuing to engage in the delta-wing stealth aircraft with the big stream, or directly break the game, directly shooting the space fighter, and condescending to name the enemy, this may be a very The idea of ​​charm.