China's latest laser weapon is amazing! It is 3 times that of the United States.

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China's latest laser weapon is amazing! It is 3 times that of the United States.

2018-11-17 20:25:25 492 ℃

Public display at the air show means export model

at the 12th China International Aerospace At the Expo, the LW-30 laser defense weapon system developed by China Aerospace Sanjiang Group Co., Ltd. was first publicly unveiled. The shape of the LW-30 laser vehicle is very close to that of the "High Energy Laser System Mobile Demonstration Model" (HEL-MD) developed by Boeing Company of the United States. Both are designed with "heavy military card chassis + laser weapon cabin", but different. It is the output power of the laser weapon that is equipped with both. The Chinese product is three times that of the United States, and it can deal with 10 targets in one minute.

Although it’s a sci-fi work, it’s full of infinite delusions

I remember that there are legends early on. If it is said that in other military weapons, China and the United States have prevailed in the past, this is a real thing, but in the field of laser weapons, it may be the only leading place in China. It is said that in the field of strong laser weapons, China has a large leading position and is also the most advanced in the world. 40 years ago, a science fiction novel (later filmed) on "The Dead Light on the Coral Island" has made countless Yanhuang children bloody.

US HEL-MD laser chariots have lower power

Today, China finally dares to The corner of the mysterious curtain of the laser weapon broke open. The LW-30 laser chariot presented at the 12th Zhuhai Air Show is a typical representative of China's new laser weapon. It can also be seen that China is confident in such weapons. The laser emission power of the LW-30 laser vehicle can reach 30 kilowatts, while the power of the HEL-MD laser vehicle announced by the United States is only 10 kilowatts, only 1/3 of that in China, so the performance is several orders of magnitude worse.

LW-30 has strong maneuverability and continuous combat capabilities

China's LW-30 laser chariot It can quickly convert the target in 6 seconds, destroy the target or burn the seeker of the incoming missile 25 kilometers away, and can perform 360° omnidirectional attack on the high-powered vehicle, with precise tracking and The ability to destroy drones, mortars, rockets, tactical missile warheads, light aircraft and commercial drones, and the cost of combat is only 6 yuan, so in theory, as long as the vehicle is not extinguished, it can be infinitely hit.

Chinese laser chariots can easily destroy drones

Missile warheads destroyed by Chinese laser weapons

Analysis: If the United States continues to upgrade HEL-MD laser chariots, then China It is definitely upgrading, and China's own model is definitely more powerful, so this is considered by the US media to be China's cutting-edge weapon that can be "flattened" with the US military laser weapon. If China puts such weapons into the equipment sequence of the guided artillery brigade, then the protection of China's land and strategic goals will be more stringent. But we are even more eager to see that China's own LW-100/200 laser chariot can come out soon!

(Jun Guangwen, written by Chen Guangwen at 2018.11.17)