Russia really fights for the reputation, exposure Su-57 core secret microwave darkroom stealth test

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Russia really fights for the reputation, exposure Su-57 core secret microwave darkroom stealth test

2018-11-17 20:25:28 403 ℃

Su-57 Stealth Quality Test

Russia proves that Su-57 is a fifth-generation machine and publicly exposes core secrets. This Russia is anxious, in order to prove that the Su-57 is a true five-generation stealth machine, through the Red Star TV station constantly exposed Su-57 secrets, the first division said that the Su-57 is a full-featured fighter than the F22, because the F22 has no ground attack ability. . Then it was refuted by American experts.

Russia finally couldn’t help it. Just do not end it. The Russian Defense Ministry’s TV channel announced a video to test the stealth performance of the fifth-generation Su-27 fighter. Exposure to the Su-57 core secret, stealth quality test in the microwave darkroom.

Su-57 radar cross section test.

This video is part of a new episode of the Russian-developed Su-57 documentary produced by Red Star TV. The test was carried out in a microwave chamber, involving only the nose portion of the aircraft, or rather the cabin portion, the entire darkroom covered with electromagnetic radiation absorbing material, and for more realistic, a pilot model was placed in the cockpit.

Chief Scientist Andrei Lagarkov Academician

Su-57 Special Feature Development Academician André Lagarkov, the project's chief scientist, provided guidance for stealth quality testing. He believes that for engineers to choose how to accurately reduce the radar cross section of the aircraft is a job seeking stealth and strength balance.

Because you use a lot of radiation-absorbing materials to make the body, it is very reasonable, which will damage the structural strength.

Pilot Model

At the same time, Russia announced that the Su-57 fighter pilots began testing anti-gravity suits - Anti-wear service. A national trial is currently underway and once the test is completed, the kit will enter mass production but no completion date is specified. This also shows that in addition to the engine and stealth, the Su-57 project has not even passed the anti-wear service. Maozi is really too rough to do things.


Su-57 is the fifth generation jet aircraft with stealth technology Production started in early 2001 and is scheduled to be put into use in 2019, while the model of the advanced engine is scheduled to arrive in 2025. The Russian Air Force plans to acquire the first 12 jets in 2019. Since 2009, 13 prototypes have been produced.

RCS Lab Test and Machine Test

The "Microwave Darkroom" is a room filled with sharp absorbing materials and made into pyramids. Create a pure electromagnetic environment. Large microwave darkrooms can perform various tests on stealth fighters including electromagnetic evaluation and radar reflection cross-sectional area.

Su-57 radar cross-section test.

But don't think that you have a microwave darkroom, you can do stealth testing, then it's a big mistake. The darkroom only provides a test environment for RCS testing. As for the testing methods and testing methods, only the big countries like the United States have mastered. Japan can build, but it does not have the RCS test method. The Japanese heart verification machine is a microwave dark room sent to France, the professor of Xigong University said.

F35 does RCS testing

With the advent of the fifth-generation fighter, stealth technology became its The core iconic technology, RCS testing has become a key link in the development of stealth fighters. Only after this level is passed, stealth fighters are considered "identified".

So, Russia only uses half of the Su-57 fuselage for testing. It’s not a full-scale prototype test. Is it a pass?