A needle in a haystack for 3 months. The Argentine lost submarine was found 800 meters underwater.

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A needle in a haystack for 3 months. The Argentine lost submarine was found 800 meters underwater.

2018-11-17 20:25:31 367 ℃

The needle for a three-month fishing trip in Argentina is found 800 meters underwater.


The needle in a haystack was finally caught. Russian satellite news agency Moscow, November 17th The Argentine Navy announced on Twitter that Ocean Infinity was able to determine the location of the missing Argentine submarine "San Juan" in 2017. The Argentine Ministry of Defence and the Navy announced that after the investigation of the No. 24 point discovered by Ocean Unlimited with the help of remote control equipment, the location of the "San Juan" submarine was determined to be 800 meters deep.

On November 15, 2017, the “San Juan” lost contact when it went from the Ushuaia Naval Base to Mar del Plata. The submarine said that the accident occurred during the last contact. There are 44 people on the submarine, including the first female diver in the history of Argentina, Eliana Kravić. The navy said that an explosion had occurred, which may be related to the disappearance of the "San Juan".

Mike Fabey, naval expert at Jane’s Defense Weekly, said, “ When the submarine enters the water, all the problems associated with the battery are the big things that the crew must deal with. (In the submarine) When the water is charged, it is equal to a fire.” The most likely explanation is: “Sanhu The An's submarine experienced water inflow when the snorkel was charged during the return flight. The seawater entered the battery compartment of the bow through the venting system, causing a group of batteries to be short-circuited. Although no fatal incident occurred at the time, the submarine may have exploded afterwards, causing the submarine to be destroyed, and the explosion is likely to be related to the battery.

"San Juan" submarine, the TR-1700 diesel-electric submarine built by the Federal Republic of Germany. It is 66 meters long, 7.3 meters wide, 6.5 meters draught, 37 crew members, the maximum displacement is 2264 tons, the maximum dive depth is 300 meters, the maximum underwater speed is 25 knots, and the self-sustaining power is 30 days.

After 15 days of submarine disappearance, the Argentine Navy announced that the search and rescue of 44 "San Juan" crew members ceased, but the search for submarines will continue.

Press Release issued by the Argentine Government website on August 17, 2018 According to the statement, the Argentine government hired the US Ocean Infinity Company to look for the missing San Juan Navy submarine in 2017.

The press release said: "The Ministry of National Defense said that according to government resolutions, the US Ocean Infinity company was hired to continue to search for the Argentine Navy 'San Juan' submarine, which contained 44 The crew’s submarine disappeared on November 15. The statement stated that the US “Unlimited Ocean” company “will charge a service fee if it finds a submarine”.

US Ocean Unlimited has previously been involved in the search for March 2014 The work of the missing Malaysian flight MH370. At the end of May, the company announced the end of the search.

After three months of searching, November 16th "The Ocean Unlimited The company found a 60-meter-long object at point 24 in the 15A-4 area. Through sonar detection, it finally determined that the object was the lost "San Juan" submarine.

The "San Juan" submarine can be found, and the powerful seabed detection capability of "Ocean Unlimited" is Can not be separated. The company is a seabed exploration, monitoring and mapping company with more than 90 years of experience in the offshore exploration industry. The team is an international elite team of engineers, information technology experts, hydrographers, and underwater robot submarine experts.

The equipment is also quite sophisticated. According to the company, a 7800-ton multi-purpose ship "Submarine Builder" and eight HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are capable of collecting high-resolution data at a record-breaking speed of 6,000 meters. Our AUV fleet is equipped with six unmanned detectors (USV) to ensure precise positioning and continuous communication. With multiple submersibles working together with innovative technology, we are able to quickly and accurately detect large areas of the sea floor. We can work in shallow waters, but perform well in extremely deep areas, working in a dynamic environment from tropical to arctic ice.

Although the submarine wreckage has been found, it should be difficult to salvage it based on existing capabilities. It remains to be seen whether the body of the submarine crew will be salvaged. (Power talks to the world / Zhang Mi)