Figure CG: Destroy 8 tanks at a time! China's latest big eight-wheeled vehicle debut

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Figure CG: Destroy 8 tanks at a time! China's latest big eight-wheeled vehicle debut

2018-11-18 10:25:00 437 ℃

The earliest red arrow 10 appeared on the 93 military parade, and the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show also exhibited ZBD04 The car is the red arrow 10 anti-tank missile system of the chassis. At that time, the author guessed that the wheeled chariot family should also come to one. It is not the case that the author said that this year’s air show exhibited the red of the 8X8 wheeled combat vehicle. Arrow 10.

First, let’s compare the two Red Arrow 10 anti-tank missile vehicles exhibited at the two airshows. The model is accompanied by heavy mechanized units, and the other can be accompanied by a quick response to the troops performing their duties.

Red Arrow-10 is a new type of tactical missile that uses optical fiber to transmit guidance information, mainly used to fight tanks. It is also possible to play helicopters flying at low altitudes.

The head of the Red Arrow-10 missile is equipped with a low-light TV camera or an infrared imaging seeker with a tail The coiled fiber is associated with a launch control device. When the missile is flying, the fiber is released from the tail. At the same time, the camera of the seeker transmits the captured image to the launch control device, and the control command is transmitted to the missile's guidance system through the optical fiber to control the missile to hit the target. Due to the large amount of information transmitted by optical fiber, low frequency bandwidth, low power consumption and minimal self-radiation, the fiber-guided missile has strong target recognition ability, high guidance precision and good anti-interference.

The Army of our army has been equipped with Red Arrow-10 anti-tank missiles, deployed in heavy-duty tracked armored units. The newly exhibited wheeled anti-tank missile vehicles are mostly used for export. From the perspective of desert camouflage painting, they are exported to some countries in the Middle East.

The development of anti-tank missiles in China since the 1960s, Red Arrow-73 is the first of our military equipment A type of anti-tank missile, China has successively developed the Red Arrow-8 and Red Arrow-9 anti-tank missiles and equipped the troops. The Red Arrow 10 has a qualitative improvement in terms of range, power, and guidance.

Red Arrow 10 This wheeled car has also appeared in the Middle East Defense Exhibition, and a unique show. If the Middle East is equipped with such anti-tank combat vehicles, it will be tantamount to the end of the day for tank troops in many countries.

The Red Arrow 10 launch vehicle uses the same track chassis as the Type 04 infantry fighting vehicle. The missile uses similar anti-ship missiles. The rectangular transport/launch box is installed on the tilting launcher. The center of the launcher is equipped with a photoelectric head. It should have white light imaging, infrared imaging, laser ranging and other functions. The new model also adds photodetection and electronic warfare systems, including a multi-pass rocket launcher.

The export model selects the 8X8 chassis of ZBL09, which is more suitable for urban road mobile operations, security warfare, and combating terrorism. action.

The two cars use the same type of missile. The Red Arrow 10 missile has a range of 10,000 meters and a speed of 200 meters per second. The display console can simultaneously control 2 missiles to strike 2 targets.

The missile flies 10,000 meters and takes 50 seconds. Each shot shoots 2 rounds, and the launch interval is 10 seconds. One complete The attack took 1 minute. Eight cars are waiting to be fired, and it can be launched in four rounds, which takes 4 minutes.