The brain is really big. This country discusses the "doomsday scene" of Taiwan after the "Mutong" of the mainland.

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The brain is really big. This country discusses the "doomsday scene" of Taiwan after the "Mutong" of the mainland.

2018-11-18 10:25:04 286 ℃

Cai Ying (Source: Taiwan "United Daily News")

Overseas Network November 18th Recently, the so-called "seminars" held by the US think tank "2049 Planning Institute" took Taiwanese things. It is reported that this "seminars" discussed the "nightmare scene: the threat of the "invasion of the People's Liberation Army" and the reaction of Taiwan", the warnings from the 45th to 30th days before the People's Liberation Army entered Taiwan, and the "doomsday scene" after the People's Liberation Army entered "To discuss the spindle. It can be said that the idea is clear and the brain is wide open. The netizens on the island pointed out that "Whoever engages in 'Taiwan independence' is a war sinner."

According to Taiwan’s "China Times News", the day, including former US Deputy Secretary of State Armitage (Richard Armitage) Many people inside claimed that "the mainland's martial arts' Taiwan's ability is getting stronger and stronger. Taiwan's defense must be 360-degree. It must not only defend the Taiwan Strait. It must be recognized that the mainland has enough amphibious landings. Capacity, once the PLA is established on the beach or other places, it is the beginning of the nightmare of the Taiwan military."

In addition, the retired US Marine Corps (USMC) will be the official Wallace Gregson (Wallace Gregson) In a scene, it is very likely that mainland China will establish a stronghold on the island when entering Taiwan, and this is where the "nightmare" begins. At this stronghold, Taiwan’s ground forces must combine naval and air forces with amphibious operations to concentrate their firepower on close combat to destroy “enemy forces”.

When Chen Yongkang, the former deputy defense chief of Taiwan’s defense department, was brought into the "drama" of the "experts" of the United States, the focus was on. These American "experts" then made a move, "Taiwan is not incapable of responding to the mainland." The escalation of weapons and the purchase of US weapons are still "effective." In addition, Taiwan has deployed a variety of new weapons that can delay the mainland's entry, the supersonic "Xiong 3" anti-ship missile, the "Tiangong-3" air defense missile, and the continued upgrade of the F-16 and IDF fighters.

In this regard, the netizens on the island are madly vomiting, "Selling weapons are coming! Speaking so exaggerated, is to knock on the plate! If you really feel Taiwan, direct military aid, instead of selling some used or fast expired Stock weapons."

"After a long time, I said a lot, not to sell to Taiwan. Early warning system!”

“America think tank experts are mostly retired politicians, using cross-strait confrontation to get their hands up, not when they are hackers or selling weapons.”

< "If this is not a public intervention in the election, what is the intervention in the Taiwan election, the DPP does not come out to fight back, this is the open interference of foreign forces, go to your American hegemony!"

"A group of pigs, don't you know that with economic sanctions, Taiwan will be paralyzed, and the United States and Japan will not be able to save. They don't need to be so stupid to sell weapons."

< /p>

"The United States has again harassed Taiwan's elections, and the American father has chosen to save the green camp elections."

There are also netizens who hit the nail on the head. "Who is doing 'Taiwan independence'? War sinner "

Since Tsai Ing-wen authorities came to power, he refused to recognize the one-China on behalf of the" 1992 consensus ", cross-strait relations caused by cold. The Cai authorities have yet to rely on the United States to make Taiwan’s "international space" painting a prison. Hong Xiuzhu, the former chairman of the Kuomintang, said well, no matter what the US side is "intentional", Taiwan itself "has to be determined", and really does not become a pawn of others.

Therefore, instead of entangled in "Wu Tong", it is better to work hard in "one China" and "going to independence", as the island writer Huang Zhixian said, "Taiwan authorities only recognize that Taiwanese are Chinese. The cross-strait relations will bloom in a flash of time."

For the US arms sales to Taiwan, the spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office has repeatedly pointed out that we are firmly opposed to any form of officialcy between the US and Taiwan. Contacts and military contacts. It is related to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, involves China's core interests, and our determination and will to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country are unshakable. (Overseas Network Zhu Xi)

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