Xinhua News Agency confirms the development of China's third aircraft carrier: it has been built in order on the slipway

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Xinhua News Agency confirms the development of China's third aircraft carrier: it has been built in order on the slipway

2018-11-26 20:25:32 218 ℃

The aircraft carrier on display in 2017, bearing in mind the glorious history of creating a great military industry - celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army model. Image source: Huang Guozhi

After China’s second aircraft carrier was launched last year, the focus of the outside world began to shift to China’s third aircraft carrier. Will the displacement reach the level of 100,000 tons of Nimitz in the United States? Will nuclear power and electromagnetic ejection be used? ... These are hot topics on the Internet.

Xinhua News Agency November 26 official WeChat public account an article revealed the development of China's third aircraft carrier. In the "style" of this national red-hot six years ago, it has been so heart-warming! In the article, it was pointed out that on November 23, 6 years ago, China’s first aircraft carrier “Liaoning Ship” successfully took off and landed the -15 carrier aircraft. Six years later, our domestic aircraft carrier industry has been trialled, and it is just around the corner. The new aircraft carrier is already in existence. Ordered construction on the berth. The new aircraft carrier is also the third aircraft carrier. This is the first time that official media has confirmed that China is building a third aircraft carrier.

The third carrier may have a straight-through deck.

The article mentioned that on November 23, 6 years ago, the 歼-15 carrier aircraft successfully landed and landed on the “Liaoning Ship” for the first time. It was the iconic moment of the aircraft carrier aircraft, and this is the People’s Navy. A moment of history worth remembering!

The Ministry of National Defense also responded to the development of China’s third aircraft carrier, but did not publicly confirm that construction has begun. On May 31, a regular reporter from the Ministry of National Defense, Deputy Director of the Information Department of the Ministry of National Defense and the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, Ren Guoqiang, responded to a reporter’s question about the aircraft carrier, saying that on May 13, China’s second aircraft carrier from Dalian Shipyard The terminal set sail and went to the relevant sea area to carry out the offshore test mission, mainly to test and verify the reliability and stability of the power system and other equipment. On May 18, the test mission was completed and returned to the Dalian Shipyard Terminal. As for the service time of this aircraft carrier, we will comprehensively determine the construction progress and test conditions of the aircraft carrier.

As for the long-term development of China's aircraft carriers, we will consider all aspects of factors in accordance with the country's economic and social development, as well as national defense and military construction needs, and consider the development of aircraft carriers.

On February 27 this year, the official website of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation published a title entitled "New Journey, New Plan!" What should China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry do in the new era of high quality development? The outline of the outline is the strategic direction of the direction, which refers to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

The outline points out that we must profoundly grasp the situation facing the development of marine defense equipment. Deepening the preparations for military battles at sea requires that the naval weapons and equipment be upgraded to the highest level. We must resolutely implement Xi Jinping’s strong military thinking, build a modern maritime combat system with Chinese characteristics, and accelerate the realization of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, new nuclear submarines, quiet submarines, underwater unmanned intelligent confrontation systems, underwater stereo attack and defense systems, and sea battlefield integration. Electronic information systems and other breakthroughs have been made to enhance the joint operational capability and global combat capability based on the network information system, and to provide high-quality weapons and equipment for the Navy's strategic transformation to the deep blue and distant sea in 2025.

Zhu Yingfu, chief designer of "Liaoning Ship", previously disclosed the development of China's aircraft carrier ejection technology. In April last year, Zhu Yingfu, chief designer of "Liaoning Ship", revealed in a keynote speech at Sichuan University of Electronic Science and Technology that China's steam ejection and electromagnetic ejection technology are currently being studied. He personally prefers more advanced electromagnetic ejection technology. Once mature, it will be applied to the construction of future aircraft carriers. "There is nuclear power. We must do it in the future. I hope everyone can wait patiently. I believe we will soon catch up with the world's advanced level." Zhu Yingfu said.

When asked about how many aircraft carriers the Chinese Navy needs, Zhu Yingfu replied, "Now the United States says they need 10 aircraft carriers. We may not need that much, but at least there should be three. If there are conditions, It is better to have four or five ships."