The Chinese Air Force is preparing to issue a Thunder strike? Competing with the Pakistani Railways

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The Chinese Air Force is preparing to issue a Thunder strike? Competing with the Pakistani Railways

2018-11-30 20:25:35 248 ℃

CMB Air Force Fighter Formation Takeoff Training

November 30-December 23, China and The Pakistani Air Force will hold the 7th joint training codenamed "Eagle-VII" in Pakistan. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Defense held on the afternoon of the 29th, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense introduced the above news. The joint training will be held at the Pakistan Air Force's Burair Air Force Base. The Chinese side will send fighters, smashing machines, early warning aircraft and other aircraft to participate in the training. The joint training is a routine arrangement in the annual plan of the two countries. It is a brand training activity for the exchange of mutual funds between China and Pakistan. It is conducive to deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two air forces, enhancing the actual combat capability of the two air forces, and helping to maintain the region. Peace and stability.

歼-8F and FC-1 Joint Operations

Under the background of mutual learning and mutual promotion The Chinese and Pakistani air forces have carried out a series of pragmatic exchanges and cooperation in recent years, basically with a practical background. For example, the joint training of the "Eagle" series, which was first launched by the two air forces in March 2011, has become the brand of actual training for the Air Force. It is the seventh time this year. In fact, this is not the actual air force training conducted by China in the same single country. In recent years, the Chinese Air Force has adopted the strategy of going global and has conducted visit training with the Thai Air Force, the Turkish Air Force, the Russian Air Force and the Pakistan Air Force. It is to learn from the useful experience of the foreign military and enhance the ability of the Chinese Air Force to carry out diversified military missions in a wider space.

Bas pilots transfer to 歼-11B for training

Although the Chinese Air Force has passed the "red sword" in recent years "Exercise, "Golden Helmet" and "Golden Darts" competitions formed a set of methods of training tactical training that reflected the characteristics of the Chinese Air Force, which drove the substantial improvement of the Chinese Air Force's actual combat training level. However, the Pakistan Air Force has practical experience in dealing with strong enemies, as well as many advanced American equipment and advanced operational concepts. There are many places worth learning from the Chinese Air Force. For example, in 2017, the "Eagle-VI" joint training was divided into seven phases: air-to-air combat, close-range support operations, air-to-ground combat, and red-blue system confrontation exercises. The Chinese Air Force sent 歼-11B and 歼 -7A, Air Police-200 and other multi-type aircraft participated in the training, and learned and exchanged advanced training results.

China-Pakistan pilots conduct intimate exchanges

, especially in the past six times On the basis of all the training, this year's exercise finally came. It is expected that, as always, the Chinese Air Force will send advanced fighters such as the 歼-8F, 歼-10A/B, 歼-11B and Air Police-200, and may even dispatch 歼-10C, 歼-16 and Air Police-500. ++ generation fighters participated in the exercise. In this case, there are likely to be two considerations: one is to conduct confrontation training with the Pakistani Air Force and the J-11B fighter, and to master the combat experience with the Indian Su-30MKI fighter; the second is to confront the American Air Force's American aircraft. Let the Chinese Air Force familiarize itself with the characteristics and tactics of fighting the US military. In this way, both China and Pakistan are happy.

The two countries participate in the formation of the formation flying over the airport.

The analysis believes that between China and Pakistan The friendship between the two countries allowed the two countries to learn from each other in this exercise. The commanders and pilots dispatched by the Pakistani Air Force were the veterans of the US "Red Flag" military exercise. The flight commanders were all trained in the United States and flew over the long time F-16 pilots. Using the American combat system, combat thinking, and tactical tactics to engage the Chinese Air Force, the Chinese Air Force took turns to dispatch various domestic main fighters to conduct confrontation drills, allowing pilots to feel the operational feelings of the American system opponents in a real-life environment, and actively seek for The deficiencies in tactical tactics gradually explored the areas of operational advantage under current equipment conditions. It can be said that this is a win-win move for the China-Pakistan Air Force, and it is the right choice for safeguarding South Asia and Asia-Pacific security! For the Chinese Air Force, which faces tremendous air pressure from the US and Japan, this is the best whetstone. After this move, I believe that China's air sword will become even more sharp!

(Jun Guangwen, at 2018.31.30)