Trump suddenly changed his slashing military expenses and was warned that he wanted to lose to China and Russia.

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Trump suddenly changed his slashing military expenses and was warned that he wanted to lose to China and Russia.

2018-12-03 10:25:21 187 ℃

The performance of the US Navy "Zumwalt" class destroyer (front) and the Littoral Combat Ship (post) may become this The victim of the reduction in military spending.

[Global Times reported that special correspondent Zhang Yichi] When President Trump came to power, he was hailed by the Pentagon for promised to raise military expenses. Now he suddenly changed his mind and announced that he will reduce military expenses to alleviate the budget deficit. , triggered a strong rebound in the US military. Last weekend, the Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the United States and the House of Representatives and the Minister of Defence successively "slammed" on Trump. Of course, the Pentagon is also ready to do both. Once the defense budget is confirmed, some "military modernization" projects will have to shrink.

Matisse opposes cutting defense budget

The US Defense News website on December 1st entitled "Matisse: Helping to cut defense budgets The report on the problem of deficits said that US Defense Minister Matisse said on November 30 that he needed to provide more funds for the Pentagon and oppose Trump's plan to cut defense spending in fiscal year 2020. Matisse said at the Reagan Defense Forum on the same day: "Financial solvency and strategic solvency can coexist."

The report stated that Matisse explicitly mentioned Rep. Mike Thorne in his speech. Bury and Senator Jim Enkhov commented in the Wall Street Journal, "Mr. President, don't cut military spending," and agreed with two heavyweights that "reducing defense spending will not affect the deficit problem." "the opinion of. He said that major budget cuts "will pose a dangerous harm to our troops and the American people. We all know that the United States can afford to spend money for survival."

The US Capitol Hill website says After Rump took office, under the banner of "rebuilding the US military," the Pentagon's grants increased year after year, and the US military has enacted a huge military modernization project to cope with the "traditional power threats" such as China and Russia. But Trump said in October that he would order a cut in the 2020 fiscal year due to the rising deficit, in which the Pentagon’s allocation was cut to $700 billion, a decrease of $16 billion from the 2019 fiscal year, and far below the expectations of the US military. The $733 billion, this has caused the Pentagon's planners to fall into chaos.

Congressional high-ranking officials fight against each other

Compared with Matthew’s euphemistic boycott, the Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the House of Representatives published a critical comment in the Wall Street Journal. many. The "Capitol Hill" website said they joined forces to urge Trump to "rethink the reduction of defense budget next year."

The report said that Rep. Thornebury and Senator Huff wrote in his comment entitled "Mr. President, don't cut military spending": "Reducing 330 from the defense budget at the last minute The $100 million order will be dangerous." The comment warned that "the United States may have difficulty winning or possibly losing war against China or Russia." "Our priority is the army. Any reduction in the defense budget is meaningless." The retrogression."

Two lawmakers said "understanding Trump's concerns about the fiscal deficit", but cutting defense spending does not solve the problem. “Even if we cancel the budget of the entire Pentagon, the deficit will continue to grow.” “The president and the Congress should not be tricked into making the wrong choice: rebuilding our army or accepting a serious and growing deficit.” They said, “The last moment The wayward cuts are not the way the Pentagon saves money and should require “deliberate reforms”.

Retired Admiral Gary Lovehead also publicly stated that the $733 billion defense budget is the "bottom line" of the era of "great power competition." If it is less than $733 billion, the US military cannot guarantee nuclear power and The dominant position of conventional power.

Cut military expenses, who is more injured?

In Trump’s opinion, he has made enough “contributions” for the US military: “Not long ago our military expenses were $520 billion... I added it to 700 billion US dollars (referring to 2018 military spending), and then increased to 716 billion US dollars, so that we can expand our naval fleet. We are rebuilding our army, we have to build missiles, build rockets..."

However, the modernization of the military is a process that will last for many years. Trump's "changes to the future" made the US military "injured." Deng Fu, chairman of the US Military Association, said that in the past two years, the Pentagon has invested mainly in network, aerospace, anti-missile, electromagnetic spectrum capabilities and the modernization of the nuclear industry. However, due to sudden cuts in funding, many projects have to be abandoned, resulting in a large amount of funds. Waste, and profoundly affect the future of the US military.

The US Military Times website said on December 1 that former US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Walker said that due to the late reduction of military spending orders, all personnel, maintenance and maintenance costs of the US military have been determined. . “So I can only find (reduced) money in the equipment modernization project.” Former US Army Deputy Chief of Staff Jack Keane said: “If you can only get $700 billion in the end, the Army’s brigade-level combat troops will not increase, the Air Force. It will be retrogressive." ▲

Editor: Zhang Qi