Japan’s top tanks that can’t be bought at twice the price, why did it end up being Hungarian?

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Japan’s top tanks that can’t be bought at twice the price, why did it end up being Hungarian?

2018-12-03 10:25:25 429 ℃

When World War II, Japan and Germany shouldered their backs. In the eyes of Japan, they believed that since everyone was a black person on the road, they would certainly take care of themselves. He did not treat the Germans as outsiders, and he bought the most advanced tank at that time, the Tiger tank, and delivered twice the price, but the result? At the time, Germany's most powerful combat tanks did not meet until the end of Japan. On the contrary, the Japanese did not see anything in Hungary, but they did not need to pay for the help of the Germans. Tiger tank formation! In the face of such a big contrast between Japan and Hungary, what exactly does Germany think?

The combat strength of the Tiger tank at that time is absolutely needless to say, wherever he went, but his strong combat performance It also determined the high standard production of this type of tank. According to statistics, the total production volume of the modified tanks at that time was only 1,300 units. His superior combat capability is due to his strong armor and powerful lethality. Even now, in the eyes of many military fans, he still has an irreplaceable position. At that time, Japan, one of the German and Italian iron triangles, was not as important as Hungary in the eyes of Germany. What's more, Japan is willing to offer double the price - the Japanese bid at that time was twice the size of a tiger tank - 640,000 Empire Mark!

In fact, Germany is also understandable because it has enough reason for Germany to support him at such a cost. At that time, Hungary belonged to the German Union. According to the report of the time, the number of Tiger tanks owned by the Hungarian army reached 13! The reason why these 13 tanks will be sent directly to Hungary by Germany is still due to a battle. At that time, from April 7 to May 2, 1944, the German-Hungarian coalition forces attacked the Soviets together. The two armies fought in the Ukrainian towns of Nitvina and Kolomeia. At that time, the Hungarian army became famous. The number of tanks destroyed has reached 27, and the number of tanks destroyed by Germany is only 21!

The contribution of Hungary in this battle, Germany naturally sees it, the Hungarian second armored division who participated in the battle lost a lot of money 18 tanks were scrapped, and 88 armored vehicles were in urgent need of maintenance. In order to compensate for Hungary, there were 13 tiger tanks in vain. At that time, the highest commander of the German army personally ordered the replacement of the Tiger tank for the second armored division of Hungary! The Germans did not only win over the hearts of the people, but also gave Hungary all the "opportunities".

In fact, Hungary, which had just got a Tiger tank, soon sent these "steel teeth" Go out. On July 13, 1944, the Hungarian army was attacked by the Soviets. Although the early Hungarian army used its defensive advantage and the powerful combat capability of the Tiger tank, the number of Soviet tanks destroyed at one time reached double digits. However, it is no exaggeration for the sentence to be lost for a long time. In the end, the second armored division of the Hungarian army stationed at the time was devastated by the Soviet army. Ten tiger tanks became a stall. Scrap iron. The Tiger tank has since become a swan song in the history of Hungary.

Of course, until the end of Japan, I couldn’t see that I had delivered a tiger tank that had twice the price and wanted to buy it. This has become a shortcoming in the hearts of the Japanese.