Ask the soldiers for a mobile phone and use the warrior as a babysitter: the military "micro-corruption" problem is exposed

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Ask the soldiers for a mobile phone and use the warrior as a babysitter: the military "micro-corruption" problem is exposed

2018-12-03 20:25:24 376 ℃

Original title: Asking for a mobile phone to the soldier. Be a nanny in the army. The "micro-corruption" problem of the army was exposed.

The CCTV news, the embankment of a thousand miles, collapsed in the ant hole.

Compared with the "big tiger" far away from the horizon, the grassroots officers and men of the army felt deeper and more apologetic to the "little fly" in the "near the eyes". Although “micro-corruption” may not “suck blood”, it is like a “tiger”. Recently, the CCTV military channel "Military Documentary" column exposed a number of "micro-corruption" problems in the military in the form of feature films.

The Eastern Theater Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office received an anonymous letter reflecting that a member of the Haiphong Brigade instructor Chen’s family did not pay for food. Instruct the warrior to take the child, clean the house, and take the ride without giving money. The investigation of the Commission for Discipline Inspection found that the problem of the instructor Chen was more serious than that reflected by the anonymous letter: to open a small stove for himself and his family, to let the company soldiers out of tolerance to do private affairs, the training assessment often did not attend, etc., the company officers and soldiers were extremely resentful, and it was already unbearable. To the point. In accordance with the "Small Corruption" and "Improper Winds 70 Questions List" issued by the Central Military Commission Discipline Inspection Commission, the instructor Chen’s behavior infringed on the rights and interests of grassroots officers and soldiers. After research, the instructor Chen was sentenced to the party’s warning. .

Warrior reflects the problem of instructor Chen

The emergence of the "micro-corruption" problem, in addition to the existence of luck, an important reason for thinking is that it feels less to take, less to collect, less to eat Nothing can be counted, no one cares about hitting the ball, "the courtesy" is the usual feelings of the people, "micro" is not enough, "micro" can not be ruled.

When the head of the investigation team of the Army Discipline Inspection Commission of the Eastern Theater, Wang Xiaoli had handled a case reported by telephone. The whistleblower reported that a battalion commander of a certain brigade of the Eastern Theater Army used the powers to ask for money from the soldiers during the election of the sergeant. After receiving the report, the Army Discipline Inspection Department of the Eastern Theater immediately set up a problem clue verification team to investigate the unit. "We have found more than 40 warriors in total. During the conversation, some soldiers have shown us some more specific and detailed clues. During the conversation, we learned that another soldier is there. Before turning to the non-commissioned officer, the reporter reported to him a certain type of mobile phone." Under the inquiry of the case handler, the soldier said the specific process of the reporter asking for the mobile phone. "The battalion commander asked me tomorrow. What do you do, let me go out and help him with things, say that his mobile phone is broken, let me buy a mobile phone for him."

After the investigation team found out that the reported battalion commander used the warrior’s leave to adjust the transfer, the non-commissioned officer’s choice to change the time to accept the soldiers’ cigarettes, The mobile phone and other property, the officers and men dare not speak. In the end, the battalion commander was severely punished by the party, from the beginning of the camp to the deputy, and arranged to leave the army. Many "micro-corruption" does not seem to be a "major event", but the damage is the vital interests of the grassroots officers and men. The officers and men are often the "painful pain", which seriously dispels the morale of the military.

Zhang Hongshan tells about the delay in the award of his third-class certificate medal

In 2010, the first class of Zhang Hongshan, the first-class soldier, participated in the competition organized by the regiment, and he was awarded the third-class merit for outstanding achievements. However, in the past few years, he has not received certificates and medals related to third-class work. When mentioning the events of the year, Zhang Hongshan still can't conceal the frustration. "It's very lost, very sad, and asked this thing, let me wait." Until April 2017, the radar brigade where Zhang Hongshan was located became the grassroots atmosphere monitoring of the superior discipline inspection organs. After the contact point, he took the attitude of trying to fill in, and filled in the distress of the third-class certificate medals in the questionnaire.

What should be the third-class certificate and medal of Zhang Hongshan that has dragged on for so many years?

Tang Wei, head of a radar brigade organization of the Central Theater Air Force: his third-class work is definitely there, in the middle Someone may have forgotten this thing. In the sixth article in the "List of 70 Issues Concerning the "Micro-Corruption" and Unhealthy Winds around the Officers and Soldiers, the problem of Zhang Hongshan's third-class work belongs to "the style of the institution is not strict, the problem of 'five more' is prominent, and the service is at the grassroots level. It’s not strong, it’s awkward, it’s a drag on the job. Although the surface of "micro-corruption" is "micro", its essence is "corruption" and the result is "losing." The "micro-corruption" in a small number of units and cadres damages the image of the army, corrodes internal relations, affects the morale of the military, and dispels the combat effectiveness of the troops. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi has attached great importance to strengthening grassroots construction. He has repeatedly stressed the need to focus on rectifying the "micro-corruption" and unhealthy practices around the officers and men, and enhancing the satisfaction and satisfaction of officers and men. There is no "SAR" for anti-corruption and no "forbidden zone". Whether it is big corruption or "micro-corruption", it is firmly opposed.