Break through the sky! US allies will buy 146 Russian T-90 tanks

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Break through the sky! US allies will buy 146 Russian T-90 tanks

2018-12-04 10:25:06 475 ℃

Recently, a video of a desert test conducted by a Russian-made T-90MS main battle tank in Kuwait was exposed. According to a report by the Tass news agency in September 2017, Kuwait has reached an agreement with Russia to purchase 146 T-90MS tanks to replace the old M-84 tanks. As one of the traditional Middle Eastern allies of the United States, it is rare for Kuwait to purchase so many Russian tanks at one time.

T-90MS tanks are fired in Kuwait and the military personnel view the target dynamic map.

T-90MS is a modernized and improved version of the T-90S foreign trade tank launched by the Russian Ural Machinery Vehicle Factory (UVZ) in 2012. A number of new technologies, especially in the fire control, sighting and protection systems, have been greatly improved, and the combat performance has been improved compared with the T-90S. The picture shows a number of technical improvements of the T-90MS.

Multi-view model drawing of the T-90MS tank.

Russian data shows that the T-90MS improvement project includes the replacement of the new "Karina" fire control system, which can be more than "Pine-U" The channel gunner sight, the "Eagle Eye" captain, and the sight sights are interconnected. The "Pine-U" sight can provide laser guidance for gun-launched missiles, while the "Eagle Eye" sight can identify 5000 meters in the daytime. The enemy tanks inside (3,300 meters in bad weather) also added an automatic tracking system, and the fire control level and night shooting accuracy have been greatly improved compared with the traditional Russian tanks.

Other improvements include the replacement of the 2A46M-5 new 125mm smoothbore gun, using the 3BK29 shelled rear wing stabilized armor-piercing projectile (APFSDS) at 2000 meters The maximum armor thickness of the distance is up to 800 mm RHA (rolled pressure uniform armor), and the T05BV1 remote weapon station (equipped with a 7.62 mm universal machine gun for anti-infantry operations). The picture shows the T-90MS turret weapon system. .

T-90MS shows the dynamics of the 2A46M-5 slick gun and maneuver display.

T-90MS 2A46M-5 new 125mm smoothbore gun close-up.

Remote Weapon Station (RCWS) is rare on Russian tanks, meaning that occupants can directly shoot machine guns in the car, which can greatly enhance urban warfare. The survivability of the occupants, the T-90MS RCWS also uses a machine gun and a weekly vision sight integrated design, and later the T-14 "Amata" tank also draws on similar designs. The firepower range of the RCWS machine gun is also shown.

For the high temperature environment of the desert, the T-90MS is also equipped with a V-92S2F diesel engine with a power of 1130 hp (V-84MS for the T-90 tank) The diesel engine power is only 840 hp), even in the desert off-road environment, it can maintain a speed of 60 kilometers per hour (high-power diesel engine also means more power for car air conditioners and electronic equipment).

If the dynamic map shows that there is still a tidbit during the test, T-90MS tries to help a Kuwaiti military vehicle that is anchored in the desert to get out of trouble. Pull the traction rope off.

In addition to the desert off-road test, the T-90MS also conducted day and night live ammunition shooting tests (to overcome the adverse effects of thermal disturbances in high temperature environments in the desert). Its excellent shooting accuracy has been recognized by the Kuwaiti military.

Russian personnel accompanied the Kuwaiti military personnel to check the target of the T-90MS tank breakdown.

The Kuwaiti Army is also equipped with 218 US M1A2 tanks (not equipped with depleted uranium additional armor). After the delivery of the Russian T-90MS tank, the country The Army will become one of the few armored units in the Middle East that are equipped with US and Russian main battle tanks. It is still necessary to wait and see which tanks will be better. The picture shows the US Army M1A2 tank currently in service at the Kuwait Army.

In the anti-exhibition, Russian defense enterprise model and T-90MS tank photo map.

T-90MS tanks participating in the desert test.

The picture shows the various armor-piercing projectiles and high-explosive ammunition equipped with the T-90MS.

Russian personnel will load the shells into the T-90MS tank.