The ambush on the ten sides is not the patent of Han Xin, and the boss of Peng is more clean and neat.

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The ambush on the ten sides is not the patent of Han Xin, and the boss of Peng is more clean and neat.

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At 10 o'clock on the morning of March 25, 1947, the 31st Brigade of Hu Zongnan's reorganization was scheduled to arrive at Qinghuayu, and entered the "10-faced ambush" array of the Peng Dehuai Northwest Field Corps. The battle suddenly started, and the PLA troops fought bravely against the enemy forces with the trend of "the lions fight the chickens." In the same year, Han Xin’s “10-face ambush” did not achieve a complete victory, and Peng Dehuai’s command of this shackle was neat and tidy.

On the west side of the 1st volley, the 8th group first started, attacking the enemy guards as originally planned. Almost at the same time, the 715th Regiment has also started, preventing the enemy's way. As it was almost discovered by the enemy search team, the commander of the 716 regiment was determined to hesitate. He did not move forward according to the original plan. After the enemy defender had passed Linping and the 715th group started, the troops were moved. Fortunately, the enemy was caught off guard, and some of them had just begun to retreat to the south. On the one hand, the 716 regiment shot with a machine gun and disrupted the enemy formation. On the other hand, the 3rd Battalion and the 1st Battalion split into Linping and Qizigou.

On the east side, the New 4 Brigade and the Teaching Brigade first launched an attack. The new 4 Brigade blocked the enemy's first-in-command troops, and the Brigade and the enemy's right-wing security forces (about one battalion) were joined by each other to compete for the commanding heights. Two of the enemy's first-in-command troops occupied the southeast of Qinghua, and they tried to resist. However, this was already expected. Because the north wall of the stockade was demolished, the enemy could not be concealed. It was solved by the new 4 brigade in only ten minutes.

2Individually, the 4th Brigade (the 14th Regiment) occupied the Huijiatun and its Nangou East-West line and cut off the retreat of the entire 31st brigade. The main force of the 359th Brigade and the 4th Brigade attacked the enemy along the mountain line of Shiyanggou and Shijiatun Tower, and seized the enemy’s attempt to struggle against the position.

The entire 31st brigade commander Li Jiyun is a graduate of Huangpu Phase III, the 65th Division of the 15th Army After serving in 1946, he was transferred to the reorganization of the 31st Brigadier. After all, Li Jiyun has been smashing horses for many years, and his combat experience is still quite rich. During the rush, Li Jiyun was determined to build a fortification with the Jianbing Company in the northwestern highland of Sigou, and continued to attack the front line of the 715th Regiment of Nishino. The follow-up troops tried to seize the mountain sills on both sides of the Shiyanggou to stabilize the situation.

But the various departments of Nishino have been crushed by the tide of the mountains, and they are not allowed to breathe. The teaching brigade cooperated with the new 4 brigade to attack along the Shiyanggou. Although it was shot by the Xishan enemy fire, the enemy troops were immediately driven by the 2 main forces and all pressed into the ditch. The fierce assault of Nishino caused the enemy to lose their fighting spirit and collapse quickly. The 8th regiment's troops attacked by Sigou (the 4th company) were encountering the entire 31 brigade command post. The company commander was too cautious to stop the troops, but the platoon leader Yin Yufen (the group's special combat hero) was more flexible. A class rushed to the past, when the brigade commander Li Jiyun and other more than 40 people were captured.

The entire battle lasted only 1 hour and 47 minutes. Some troops responsible for breaking the enemy's retreat (such as the 13th Regiment of the 4th Brigade) did not even have time to catch up with the battle.

On the same day, Peng Dehuai reported the results of the battle to the commander-in-chief: "The enemy of the annihilation today is the 31st brigade and the 92nd regiment. The brigade commander Li Jiyun has no missing nets. The combat time is short and the bullets are consumed. Less, more than paid."

After the war, 1 vertical injury to the enemy 250 people, captive enemy 31 brigade commander Li Jiyun below 612 people, a total of 862 people (excluding 50 people who were alone in the 1st brigade). 2 The captain of the 92nd regiment, Xie Yangmin, has a total of 1397 people, of which 359 brigades have captured 1,146. The new 4 brigade captives 31 brigade deputy brigade Zhou Guichang the following 423 people. The teaching tour is not known. In total, 2993 people were killed and injured (including 400 bruises and 2,593 prisoners). The total number of casualties in the West was 265. The loss ratio between the two parties is about eleven to one.

The enemy also admitted: "The 31st Brigade was destroyed by the army, and the brigade commander Li Jiyun and the head of the team Xie Yangmin The beggars were able to break through and out of the ranks of officers and men, but there were still less than 200 people, which was a serious defeat for the North Shaanxi.

At the time of the Battle of Qinghua, the 135th brigade and the 405th regiment of Huzong South were stationed at Yaodianzi, and the 404th regiment (Head of Chen Jian) ​​was stationed at the matchyard in northwestern Yunnan. nearby. This is the closest reinforcement to the 31st brigade. At 10 o'clock in the morning, Tsinghua’s gunshots were in full swing. The director of the Xi’an Forward Command, the Changchun Association, ordered the 135th brigade to renew the 404th regiment, but the 135th brigade was not active. The 404th group said that because of the replenishment problem, one-third of the troops were transferred from each company to carry the military food near Yan'an, and the remaining troops did not go all out to help. The head of the group, Chen Jianling, attached the Yang Bing belt to the first and the first. Part of the 2 battalion reinforcements in the direction of Qinghua. The reinforcements arrived at the mouth of the south of Qinghua, and they did not dare to move on. The hills on both sides of the Mizoguchi stopped. When the gunshots became more and more, Yang Bing led some of the troops in the 1st Battalion to enter the Sichuan Road. At this time, there was nothing but the body of the horse, the 31st brigade soldier who was seriously injured, and the broken equipment.

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