Why is Japan’s “out of the cloud” class an aircraft carrier?

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Why is Japan’s “out of the cloud” class an aircraft carrier?

2018-12-04 10:25:10 349 ℃

Just in the near future, Japan’s defense phase rock house Yi said in explaining the “New Defense Outline” that more F-35 stealth fighters, including the F-35B model, will be introduced to modify and transform the “Izumo” class into aircraft carrier. Rock House’s words immediately aroused the international community’s sorrow and doubt.

Why is the "out of the cloud" class an aircraft carrier?

The answer is yes. It can be said that the "out of the cloud" class was originally an aircraft carrier at the beginning of the design. Codename DDH, as a frigate, or a destroyer is a scorpion, the essence of which is a helicopter aircraft carrier, or a normal light aircraft carrier.

Compared with the aircraft of more than 10,000 tons of displacement in Italy and Spain, the "Izumo" class is only large Not small, the displacement reached 27,000 tons, much larger than the British Navy's "Invincible" aircraft carrier. Therefore, don't feel small, "Izumo" and "Kaga" are the giants in the light aircraft carrier.

Another feature is the straight-through deck, which is different from the helicopter carrier. The "Izumo" class was designed with the consideration in mind. Adding a skid take-off deck, if it is necessary to modify it is easy, you can increase the take-off load capacity of the fighter. The 167-meter runway allows the F-35B to take off shortly, even without the slip-on take-off deck.

The design of the outboard aircraft lift is a typical aircraft lift method, which can be used for large-size fighters. Not only can the F-35B be used, even the MV-22 "Osprey" produced in the US can also use. This allows Japan's light aircraft carriers to carry more complete air combat forces according to their missions. For example, using F-35B to form air and sea rights, using MV-22 to form long-range fast delivery capabilities, using SH-60K to form search and rescue, anti-submarine, Relay guidance and early warning capabilities. In this way, the light aircraft carrier jointly built by fixed-wing fighters, tilt-rotor aircraft and helicopters has far greater comprehensive combat power than the British "invincible" fleet and the South Korean "Dokdo" amphibious assault ship fleet.

In addition, Japan’s “Izumo” class has long been tested on high-temperature flight decks, which can meet the severe ablation of the deck when the F-35B fighters land vertically. The F-35B has been deployed in the US "Hornet" amphibious assault ship. This shows that these new materials are mature in both the United States and Japan, and there are no technical problems.

The only problem is that the F-35B fighter is different from the F-35C fighter. The F-35C can fold the wing, and the F-35B cannot fold the wing, so that it cannot be in the hangar and deck. It’s not bad to stop loading more F-35Bs, and it’s not bad to load ten F-35Bs. In addition, tilting rotorcraft and helicopters can carry about 20 combat aircraft, which is not for a light aircraft carrier. Less counted. If Japan even introduces the F-35B production line, it does not rule out the independent modification of the F-35B design, so that it has a folding wing, but the United States has a secret to this fighter, and the difficulty of technology transfer is relatively large. Don't underestimate the folding of a wing, involve too many technical problems, or even re-air test. This makes it more difficult for Japan to transform, and the investment will increase. But to solve this problem is to increase the displacement of aircraft carriers, such as the US amphibious assault ship, 40,000 tons of "Wasp" class and 50,000 tons of "United States" class, can carry more than 30 types of combat The actual combat effectiveness of the aircraft has increased significantly.

On the issue of real needs, Japan can form about 20 F-35B long-range air and strike capabilities by using the "Izumo" and "Kaga" dual aircraft carrier battle group, and other auxiliary operations. There are 20 aircraft, and its actual combat effectiveness is not to be underestimated. In addition, in the Japanese double carrier battle group, a number of "Ai 宕" and "King Kong" Aegis destroyers and a new high-speed AIP conventional submarine will be included, which will greatly enhance the combat capability of such a special mixed aircraft carrier battle group.

It needs to be explained here that “Izumo” is a small test knife. Japan’s shipbuilding capacity is globally leading. It can manufacture tens of thousands of tons of giant ships during World War II, so it is necessary to make the aircraft carrier’s tonnage. The mention of 50,000 tons and 80,000 tons is also a question of political licensing rather than technical issues. Therefore, it can be understood that “Izumo” is the technical verification ship of the Japanese aircraft carrier, and is also making technical and political tests for the next large aircraft carrier. After all, in Japan's view, it is sooner or later to break through the "Peace Constitution." It is sooner or later to establish the National Defense Forces to abolish the Self-Defense Forces. The "Yiyun" transformation aircraft carrier is a touchstone and a thermometer, and try to test the reaction and heat of the international community once the international community Underestimating the past, the previous fig leaf DDH will become CVN, and the N is Nuclear. This kind of thing is sooner or later. Japan has the technical ability to build a nuclear-powered ship. The reason is to call "a certain threat theory."

Because of island disputes with Russia, South Korea, and China, and the United States have no revenge, Japan has a strong demand for developing strong military capabilities, and the development of aircraft carriers based on future naval battles is also a problem for Japan. The improved military capability has indeed alerted neighboring countries and the international community. After all, Japan still wants to rely on historical issues, so that once a nation with no sense of historical guilt is big, it will only continue to endanger regional peace and stability.