Important information of China's 055 drive was exposed. Name domineering or defense strategy

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Important information of China's 055 drive was exposed. Name domineering or defense strategy

2018-12-04 20:25:28 279 ℃

To say that among the various types of surface ships in the Chinese Navy, the most attention to the network, I am afraid that most of them will think of aircraft carriers. But if it is said that in addition to the aircraft carrier, which domestic surface ship is the latest introduction, there is no doubt that the 055 missile destroyer.

It must be said that with the continuous exposure and sea trial of the first domestic aircraft carrier, the limelight of the 055-type guided missile destroyer has been completely concealed. But we should know that the formation of aircraft carriers and carrier aircraft is relatively fragile. In order to form a strong strike and defense capabilities, the aircraft carrier's knife guard is essential.

Note the background image on the screen and the word "hero"

Recently, the North Sea Fleet is The official account of social media reported a story in the form of soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, and soldiers, with the theme of "hero road, war friendship." Attentive netizens found a "small secret" in the background picture of the party. That is the background image of the launch of China's first 055-type guided missile destroyer.

According to this, some netizens speculated that the first domestic 055-type guided missile destroyer will serve in the North Sea Fleet in the future. On the other hand, there have been rumors in the network that the 055 guided missile destroyer may be named "Nanchang", and this report mentioned a lot of "heroes" or related content.

As we all know, on August 1, 1927, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, He Long, Liu Bocheng, Ye Ting and other older revolutionaries led the armed uprising in Nanchang and opened the historical journey of creating the people's army. Therefore, Nanchang is known as the "Hero City". Therefore, this was also determined by netizens that the first 055-type guided missile destroyer might be the conjecture of serving in the North Sea Fleet.

In fact, it is not unexpected if the 055 guided missile destroyer is in service with the North Sea Fleet. Because the North Sea Fleet shoulders the important responsibility of archiving Beijing. The name of the Hero City is matched with a heroic ship, and it is also appropriate to shoulder the sacred mission of defending the National Center.

The data shows that the 055 is a large-scale multi-purpose destroyer. It is still mainly air defense, anti-missile and anti-ship in combat function, but due to the great progress of various technologies, including the anti-potential Other features have also been greatly enhanced. Its own level of technical application in anti-submarine and its demonstrated combat functions fully meet or exceed the foreign special-purpose destroyers, which will play an important role in China's future operations.

After decades of struggling to catch up, China’s gap in the field of naval equipment technology and the world’s advanced level has finally been narrowed to a point where it can be almost side by side.

As a domestic large-scale surface combat platform, the 055 type must reach the equivalent of the US "Burke" or Japan "Love 宕 The continued combat capability of such equipment is not a particularly excessive requirement. We must know that with the continuous advancement of various electronic technologies in China, a series of related weapons and equipment related to China have to be worth flying.

I believe that on the basis of the large platform of the 055 guided missile destroyer, China’s domestic ship electronic equipment, power technology, and shipborne weaponry and equipment technology will surely receive greater improvement, and the integration of domestic surface combat equipment. Combat capabilities will also continue to improve.