Not to be ridiculed! Demining heroes are angered by advertising video spoofs

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Not to be ridiculed! Demining heroes are angered by advertising video spoofs

2018-12-04 20:25:32 268 ℃

Smart Lock ads are apologizing for allegedly insulting mine warriors.

Today (4th), a smart lock ad made the ring (ID:huanqiu-com) have a strong discomfort.

The film "Bombing Bricks" in the laboratory, farm, electrical city and other places have failed to dismantle the bombs, serious injuries, avatars, rice cookers, tires, only one hand left .

The difference is that the video In the middle of the thunder warrior was blown up, the whole person left the hand, but also opened the door with fingerprints, parents are indifferent to only let his son quickly adjust the TV.

Video is here

Video source: Ring video/production: Zhang Fan (internship)

The advertisement is violent and cold-blooded, allegedly insulting the mine-clearing fighters, triggering extensive attention.

@江苏网警@A certain lock company that publishes advertisements: Internet marketing should have the minimum morality and righteousness concept. Don't be ignorant as creative, and make spoofs funny. ↓

Global Web Weibo Pay attention to this matter

The director of the TV series "I am a special commander", Liu Mengweibo, forwarded the @weiwei microblog, and said: Consider the heart. ↓

Netizens said This kind of advertising has no bottom line, no lower limit. If you don't clear it, I am sorry for so many heroes who have died.

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The ring found that the Kaidi smart lock that posted the advertisement today (December 4th) released an apology letter on Weibo at 12 noon. The letter said that he learned that his company video "Blasting Bricks" commercial film brought discomfort to the public, and had for the first time removed the advertisement and sincerely apologized to the public. ↓