After thousands of miles of European powers took the initiative to send troops to Ukraine, not afraid of Russian revenge?

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After thousands of miles of European powers took the initiative to send troops to Ukraine, not afraid of Russian revenge?

2018-12-04 20:25:33 237 ℃

It is reported that the British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said recently that as Ukraine continues to face the threat of aggression from Russia, the United Kingdom will continue to increase its military support to Ukraine for "justice and freedom." This is also a promise of fulfillment. During the visit of the British Defense Minister to Ukraine in September this year, he held talks with Ukrainian Defense Minister Portorac and said that Britain will continue to unconditionally support Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Interestingly, in the conversation, the British Defense Minister comforted the Ukrainian Defense Minister and said, "You will not feel lonely." According to the British Defense Minister, they will send a certain number of soldiers and a Royal Navy ship to the Ukrainian waters, and will increase training and training for the Ukrainian army.

(British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson)

British to Ukraine, geographically also has A long way to go, the British are so far away to support Ukraine to boycott Russia, it is really not tired. I don't know how Russia provoked the British. In the past few years, the British have been looking for Russia's problems and confronted Russia. Isn't it true that the polar bears are angry? Compared with the United Kingdom jumping and jumping, other NATO countries in Europe are showing "appropriate" in dealing with relations with Russia, and even some countries have a good cooperative relationship with Russia. I think it should be the reason why the United Kingdom itself is the closest ally of the United States. Whoever supports Big Brother will support who. The British Defense Minister said at a previous internal meeting that as long as Ukraine needs support, it can find a loyal partner in the UK.

(The British Royal Navy "Echo" hydrographic survey ship in the Ukrainian waters)

Why is it necessary to support Ukraine? The reason given by this Minister of National Defense is that the United Kingdom and Ukraine share common values, and the British believe that this is the most valuable thing, so the UK will spare no effort to support the Ukrainian government. According to information released by the British Ministry of Defence, at least 100 British people are currently active in central and western Ukraine. Their main task is to train Ukrainian government forces. If there is a need in the future, the British military may also send a certain number of Marine Corps soldiers into Ukraine. In the end, it will still depend on the meaning of Kiev. In fact, the British have supported Ukraine for several years. Since the Ukrainian crisis, these gentlemen have already set foot on the land of Ukraine. According to sources, as of mid-2018, there are at least a dozen UK training teams active in Ukraine.

(British lead NATO builds a joint expeditionary force to support Ukraine)

The Ukrainian soldiers trained by British personnel have exceeded 10,000 Names, including simple combat attempts and battlefield medical care. Moscow will probably not pay attention to doing these things in Ukraine alone. However, if a large number of British soldiers are assembled in Ukraine, Russia is likely to rebound. According to the latest UK-Ukraine agreement, the training team of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines will begin deployment in January next year with the aim of training the Ukrainian Marine Corps and its 73rd Special Operations Force. This is more able to provoke the nerves of Russia than the previous training, so I advise the British to be cautious, otherwise it may lead to fire.