After Iran tested a medium-range ballistic missile, the US dispatched the aircraft carrier to "shock"

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After Iran tested a medium-range ballistic missile, the US dispatched the aircraft carrier to "shock"

2018-12-05 20:25:33 244 ℃

Original title: After the Iranian test of medium-range ballistic missiles, the United States dispatched the aircraft carrier "shock"

Navy "Stannis" aircraft carrier

[Global Times comprehensive report] According to the "Wall Street Journal" reported on the 3rd, the US Defense Department official revealed that Washington will send aircraft carrier battle group to the Gulf to shake Iran. Earlier, US Secretary of State Pompeo said that Iran has recently tested medium-range ballistic missiles in violation of UN resolutions.

It is reported that the US "Stannis" aircraft carrier and support ship are currently sailing on the Indian Ocean and will arrive in the Gulf within "a few days." The aircraft carrier battle group plans to stay in the Middle East for 2 months and will spend most of its time in the Gulf. This is the first time the United States has deployed aircraft carrier battle groups in the region since the "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier left the Gulf in March this year. If Iran intends to engage in hostile activities, the existence of the "Stannis" will be shocked.

US officials who disclosed the above news said that although the current tension in the Gulf has escalated, this action was arranged earlier. The Russian satellite news agency said on the 4th that after US President Trump announced Washington’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions against Tehran, the Iranian military threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz. The "Stannis" aircraft carrier battle group was sent to the Gulf to prevent the situation from moving in this direction.

As of this press release, the Iranian authorities have not responded to this. However, on the 4th local time, Iranian President Rohani issued a speech saying that the United States could not prevent Iran from exporting oil. Any move to prevent Iranian crude oil cargo ships from passing through the Gulf would cause all oil exports in the region to be blocked. Iranian News TV said on the 4th that the latest move by the United States is a direct response to Iran’s influence in the region. US Secretary of State Pompeo said on Saturday that Tehran has just "tested" a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads with a range of coverage in some parts of Europe. Trump urged Europe to impose new sanctions on Iran on the 3rd. On the 4th, Pompeo met with the foreign ministers of NATO member states. AFP said that after the United States claimed that Iran had tested missiles, France and the United Kingdom expressed concern about Tehran’s actions and believed that the move might violate UN resolutions. The two countries asked the UN Security Council to hold a closed meeting on this occasion. Iranian News TV said on the 4th that Iran said its missile project is defensive. According to UN resolutions, Iran has the right to develop and test missiles. Iran’s “Palles Today” website said that the United States’ voice, its allies followed up with Iran, which is a kind of coordination. (Chen Xin)

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