The British Navy is again exposed to the scandal. The female submarine officer was violently attacked by three male navies. The chin was broken.

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The British Navy is again exposed to the scandal. The female submarine officer was violently attacked by three male navies. The chin was broken.

2018-12-05 20:25:34 283 ℃

The Royal Navy's "smart" class attack-type nuclear submarine has become one of the world's most advanced nuclear submarines due to its excellent noise reduction performance and excellent power system. However, the crew members of the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine force made a disgraceful thing. The British "Daily Mail" revealed a scandal, saying that a female technical officer of the third "Police" of the Royal Navy's "smart" class attack nuclear submarine was three in the base of Fasrenen in Scotland. Male naval soldiers were beaten, and female officers were seriously injured and their lower jaw was injured.

In this naval violent attack, two other female officers were supporting the female officer who was beaten. Three people were also beaten and the two were slightly injured. The British Navy said that it would not make any statement on the matter until it was found out. It is also said that the gendarmerie is seriously investigating the matter. However, it is revealed that the three male naval soldiers often harass female officers and men at the base of Fasren, acting frivolous language vulgarity. The three people in this incident served in the "ambush" of the "smart" class attack type nuclear submarine. In view of the seriousness of the situation, the three may be completely removed from the Royal Navy.

In addition to the three crew members who are arrogant, the "ambush" itself is also "famous". When the patrol mission was carried out in the waters of Gibraltar in 2016, the boat was inadvertently hitting the Andreas oil tanker, causing serious damage to the ambush. The Royal Navy, which lacks underwater power, has been worse.

The British Navy has been in scandals in recent years. Last year, it was attached to the Royal Navy’s "avant-garde" strategic nuclear submarine "Avantgarde". The nine officers and men were removed from the issue of "peony medicine". At that time, the "avant-garde"-class strategic nuclear submarine was repaired at the US Navy's Norfolk base on the east coast of the United States after completing its mission in the Atlantic Ocean. Nine Royal Navy officers and soldiers violated the military discipline and launched a "drug party" at the base.

In 2017, the Royal Navy’s "Warning" strategic nuclear submarine is preparing to test the "Trident" submarine strategic ballistic missile at the US Navy's Golden Silk Bay base. But when the boat went to the mission site, Captain Stewart and another commander had sex with two female officers after drunkenness. The Royal Navy has ordered all crew members to cancel all social software accounts by preventing the expansion of the situation. After the incident was exposed, several officers involved were suspended.

In 2015, Sarah, the female captain of the Royal Navy’s "Portland" guided missile destroyer, also had sexual relations with her subordinates. Subsequently, the personnel involved were stopped and retired in advance. In 2009, the female secretary of Royal Rear Admiral Lord was often fooled with men, and his sex videos were repeatedly exposed by social media. The female secretary was dismissed and sentenced to two years in prison for the female secretary’s possession of numerous royal naval military intelligence. In 2007, a naval sergeant on the Royal Navy's "Bondi" frigate raped a female soldier. The sergeant was then detained by the Navy and sentenced to one year imprisonment by a military court.

The British army has been ordering women to serve in the Royal Navy battleship since the 1990s. Due to the claustrophobic nature of the submarine and the fear that women cannot withstand the relatively harsh working conditions, the Royal Navy does not allow female officers and men to serve in submarines. After careful study by the Royal Navy, female officers and men were allowed to serve in submarines in 2011. The official implementation of this policy was in 2014. The structure has caused so much trouble.