Resolutely overwhelming China? It is a dream! India has expanded its military for 10 years and built 62 ships with aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.

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Resolutely overwhelming China? It is a dream! India has expanded its military for 10 years and built 62 ships with aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.

2018-12-05 20:25:34 267 ℃

The third aircraft carrier image that India will open

December 4th is the Indian Navy Day The Indian Navy has held a grand celebration ceremony. The Indian Navy Commander announced that in the next 10 years, India will further expand its naval equipment and build 56 warships and 6 submarines. When he announced the expansion plan, he also said that "China's activities in the Indian Ocean region are becoming more and more active," but "China has an advantage over China's military power in the Indian Ocean." According to the Times of India, the plan was approved by the Indian government. The most important thing is that India will start construction of a third aircraft carrier with a displacement of 65,000 tons in the next three years. After 7 to 10 years of completion, the ship will become the core against China.

The Chinese Navy’s trajectory into the Indian Ocean

In this world, there are opponents who have development goals. This is true of the United States, Russia, China, and India. For example, China's development goals are directed at the United States, from aircraft carriers to F-22 fighters; India's development is spearheaded by China. For example, China has 093/094 nuclear submarines, Dongfeng-31/41 intercontinental ballistic missiles and can carry them. Human space and deep space exploration and multi-star launches, India's goal is to have such capabilities, but also try to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. And now, China's first domestic aircraft carrier is preparing for the fourth sea trial, just announced that another new domestic aircraft carrier has been on the slipway, and India immediately announced that it is preparing to build its third aircraft carrier.

India has just announced that the domestic nuclear submarine will complete its first cruise

. In fact, if the military strength is compared, the strength of India It is second to none in the Indian Ocean. According to Indian media reports, the Indian Navy currently has 140 warships, 220 warplanes, and 32 warships are under construction to replace old warships and make up for vacancies. The Indian Navy’s previous goal was to have 212 warships and 458 fighters by 2027. From these data, in the next 10 years, the Indian Navy will expand 72 warships and 238 fighters, but there should be aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, including the use of electromagnetic catapult + F / A-18 "Super Hornet" fighter Or the third aircraft carrier of the "Gust" fighter and up to three nuclear submarines.

Chinese aircraft carrier formation is expected to appear in the Indian Ocean soon

So, China in 2025 How strong is the navy? According to foreign media speculation, the Chinese Navy is expected to have 50 modern guided missile destroyers, and mainly 052D/E and 055; more than 70 frigates will become the world's largest frigate; aircraft carriers can reach 4-6 And includes two conventional catapults and at least one nuclear-powered catapult; in addition to eight 094 strategic nuclear submarines and a slightly larger number of 093 attack nuclear submarines, both 095 and 096 will enter mass production; and more Modern AIP-type conventional submarines, including 041A/B and subsequent single-shell models, will become the main force; in addition, there will be no less than three 075-type amphibious assault ships, and the Chinese navy will be second only to the US military.

The first sea trial of the first domestic carrier was printed in 2020

Despite the ambitious strategy of the Indian Navy to control the Indian Ocean, its first domestically produced aircraft carrier, LCA fighter aircraft, domestic nuclear submarines, and Arjun main battle tanks have domestically developed main-war weapons and fatal problems in technology, as well as in important weapons. Such as Su-30MKI fighters, gust fighters, P-75/I submarines, fifth-generation fighters, drones and anti-submarine patrol aircraft, etc. rely heavily on foreign supply, even the aircraft carrier under construction is harder than the first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning ship , let alone the more advanced Chinese domestic aircraft carrier and carrier aircraft. Therefore, although India's ambition is not small, but limited by its own technology and national strength, the so-called "Indian advantage" is only a comparison of the strength of the Indian-Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean. Once the time is up to 2025, the Chinese navy, which is dedicated to the existence of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, will surely make India stunned!

(Jun Guangwen, written by Chen Guangwen at 2018.12.05)