S400 missile production speed burst table! Delivered to China in advance, the Russian army shouted enough to not buy it.

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S400 missile production speed burst table! Delivered to China in advance, the Russian army shouted enough to not buy it.

2018-12-06 00:25:41 375 ℃
△November 29, Russia publicly suspected the fifth S -400 air defense camp deployment in Crimea

Recently, the S-400 air defense system was deployed because In the tension between Russia and Ukraine, they once again successfully seized the "headlines."

At the same time, the Russian army deployed the S-400 air defense system on the shore of the Qinghai River in the Heilongjiang/Amur River section on November 30. The Russian military held a grand ceremony for this. The Northern Defence Service noted that the launching battalion was part of the No. 93 Air Defense Division 1530 Air Defense Corps of the Russian Eastern Military Region. It is nearly 300 kilometers away from China and can protect the Russian military’s first Daimly Air Force Base equipped with Su-35 fighters.

According to the information released by the Russian media, this year Russia’s Diamond·Antai Group produced a total of 10 S-400 air defense battalions, of which 8 were delivered to the Russian army and 2 were delivered to the PLA. If you carefully scrutinize, there is a lot of information behind this information.

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△On November 30th, the Russian 1530 air defense regiment installed the S-400 air defense system, and the system contained the core 91N6 large-scale detection radar >

For a long time, the S-400 has been the darling of the international arms market, and a bunch of countries are Queueing "waiting for purchase, this is not exaggerated. Now India and Turkey are better to be sanctioned and have to buy to explain the problem. In 2007, the Russian army picked up the first batch of S-400s, but the official fast and large-scale equipment began in 2011.

According to the equipment development plan of the Russian military in 2011-2020, the Russian military will equip 28 S-400 air defense regiments (ie 56 battalions) by 2020. Before 2014, Russia had no choice but to consider the export of S-400 because of the large demand of the Russian military and the limited production capacity of military enterprises.

According to the Russian military industry’s statement on Northern Defense, in 2014, under the “special approval” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, China became the first country to purchase S-400, and export restrictions were thus broken. According to the original statement, the time for Russia to deliver S-400 to China will last until 2020. According to the Russian military industry at some international defense exhibitions this year, the delivery of S-400 seems likely to be completed in 2019. The media report also confirmed this.

△The main assembly workshop of the current S-400 is brand new, and the current production speed is obviously beyond the Russian military’s expectations

The Russian statement of "delending" the S-400 to China in advance is accurate and not to be said, but one problem is certain, that is In recent years, the operating speed of the Russian S-400 production line has indeed reached its peak: on the one hand, Russia has expanded the S-400 assembly plant, which provides a material basis for expanding production capacity; on the other hand, there are too many foreign orders, especially The list of exports to Turkey is even more "hot" (from the signing of the contract to the delivery time is not unusual), both Russia and Turkey have a urgency to quickly "cooked rice cooked rice", the province's night long dreams. In this case, the speed of the S-400 production line will not run faster.

According to Russian media reports, there is now a possibility that Diamond·Antai Group will complete the delivery of S-400 to the Russian army by 2019, and then prepare for the preparation of the S-500 air defense system. . The S-400 production line will also be maintained, but mainly for export. After the completion of the delivery of S-400 to China, the existing orders include 4 battalions in Turkey and 10 battalions in India. The S-400 production line will remain for a long time in the purchase, plus the countries that follow up in the queue.

The △S-350 is the true replacement for the S-300, which will help the S-400 supplement Russia’s national air defense strength

At present, the Russian S-400 is equipped with at least 20 regiments and some statistical equipment. The amount is larger. As a long-range air defense system, the S-400 has basically completed the coverage of Russia's major political, economic and military areas, and can play its long-range and powerful features. In the future, the protection of strategic objectives can be further supported by the S-500, while the air defense and the problem of insufficient air defense strength after the S-300 is retired can be supplemented by the S-350 air defense system.

If the Russian army really stopped purchasing the S-400 next year, this is not possible, but it may also be that the Russian army has greatly reduced the size of the four groups (ie 8 battalions) purchased each year. More resources are placed on the S-500 and S-350.