Everything is clear, the Ukrainian president concocts the conflict, and the big tragic drama is directly re-elected!

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Everything is clear, the Ukrainian president concocts the conflict, and the big tragic drama is directly re-elected!

2018-12-06 10:25:02 116 ℃

Does the Ukrainian President’s photo suggest that you want to escalate the conflict?

After the Chercroft incident, the world is paying attention Will Russia and Ukraine upgrade to war? The general analysis is that the strength of the Ukrainian navy is not worth mentioning. Russia is not likely to fight for economic reasons, so the best way is for both sides to quell disputes.

However, the Ukrainian president was the initiator of the incident and did not stop. Recent photos show that the Ukrainian president is frequently inspecting the army, air, sea and air forces and watching military exercises. Does he want the conflict to escalate?

On December 1, 2018, Ukrainian President Poroshenko delivered a speech to the Ukrainian Armed Forces 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade at the Vorimkiv Air Base near Kiev, and released a fighter plane. The background photo shows the intention to upgrade the dispute.

Indicating that you want to escalate the conflict

On November 28, 2018, Ukrainian President Poroshenko visited Ukraine Army Ground Forces 169 Training Center watched Ukrainian soldiers are participating in the exercise and delivered speeches to the military.

On December 3, 2018, Ukrainian soldiers rode on armored vehicles for military exercises.

But outsiders suspected that the Crazy Strait incident seems to have been carefully designed by the Ukrainian president, all for the general election.

The president’s public opinion support rate has fallen to 8%, and there is almost no possibility of re-election next year. Curiously, after the conflict occurred, until that night, Ukrainian President Poroshenko called his defense committee, held a meeting that felt like a pre-rehearsal meeting, and announced the military directly before the live broadcast on television. Regulations can confiscate property and shut down the media at any time. It also explicitly prohibits any form of election in a state of emergency. Therefore, the outside world suspects that the Ukrainian president is using the conflict to manipulate the general election or postpone the general election to guarantee his re-election.

Indicating that you want to escalate the conflict

The Kerch Strait incident does not seem to be worth taking such drastic measures in Ukraine Especially in the most intense wars of 2014 and 2015, no such measures have been taken.

Ukrainian commentators interpret military control as attempting to tamper with the upcoming presidential election, a month away from the official campaign, and polls show that Poroshenko will lose to former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko .

So the Ukrainian president is exaggerating the importance of this incident, and then taking the opportunity to control the election situation, the president in order to avoid the election failure to launch a fictitious war.

Indicating that you want to escalate the conflict

Proshenko frequently shouted "Wolf is coming"?

Polishenko said in a speech to the Ukrainian parliament on November 26 that he had a pile of documents in his hand. He claimed that the documents contained intelligence data about Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine. On many occasions earlier, he also warned the "imminent" attack in the presence of Ukrainian middle-level officials, and there was little indication that Russia was ready to take any action.

Inspecting military exercises

In the end, all these "invasion" actions were not realized. But the Ukrainian top leadership shouted the wolf, this is a brand new thing.

At present, only 10 of the 27 regions in Ukraine have implemented a 30-day martial law emergency, instead of the initial 60 days.

Looking at the action of Poroshenko, I want to make things bigger, and then the national military control, cancel the general election, and directly re-elected. This set of tricks has been seen by the West, and the results are not known.