Military aircraft collided, the commander of the fleet suicide, there is a mystery behind the US military crisis

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Military aircraft collided, the commander of the fleet suicide, there is a mystery behind the US military crisis

2018-12-06 20:25:01 116 ℃

According to Japan’s “NHK” report on the 6th, an accident occurred in a F/A-18 fighter jet carrying two people in the waters near Japan and a KC-130 tanker carrying five people. Both planes fell into the sea. The Japanese Self-Defense Force has been dispatched and rescued.

About the American crash, since this year Since the beginning of the spring, the US military model has basically fallen over. Now it is probably not according to the model, but it is not according to the military. It is not news. We don't have to gloat over the US military accident. But as the saying goes, Yiye Zhiqiu, in front of an accident that seems to be accidental, actually has hundreds of signs of accidents. Frequent crashes and crashes indicate that the internal management of the US military is increasingly fragmented, and the overall quality of the personnel is not as good as before. The US military has long been far ahead of the world's technological advantages, and it has long since ceased to be the year!

As the saying goes, Cheng also Xiao He, defeat also Xiao He! Many of us have always envied the hundreds of bases in the United States that have been distributed around the world. We can mobilize forces at any time, interfere with the internal affairs of other countries in the world, and even launch wars directly. The fixed overseas bases of the United States and the formation of aircraft carriers as a maritime mobile base strike group are an important manifestation of the national power of the US superpowers and the main pillar of the US dollar hegemony. The United States has enjoyed a multi-century super bonus for this. Today, although the dividends brought by these overseas bases and aircraft carrier battle groups are still there, the corresponding negative costs paid for this are also increasing, and it is likely to gradually turn into a large bundle of straw that crushes the US national strength. Even the current White House, which has consistently threatened to continue to expand its army, has screamed the slogan of vigorous disarmament. It is obvious that the crisis is approaching!

The so-called Yiye Zhiqiu, the embankment of thousands of miles was destroyed in the ant nest. There have been more and more strange things in the US military in recent years. Colliding with the ship, shame, killing the same family, all kinds of scandals are endless, and the pressure can't be suppressed. In the past few days, there has been news that the commander of the US Fifth Fleet has inexplicably hanged in the apartment. It is now claimed to be suicide. But American public opinion generally believes that it is not that simple.

The so-called suicide commander has been a red man within the US Navy and was once an aide to the US Naval Operations Secretary. Later he was promoted to lieutenant general. The US Navy does not have a formal naval commander, and the Naval Operations Minister is actually equivalent to the US Navy Commander. It is not an ordinary person who can work as an aide to the US Navy Commander early. And this man, who was directly transferred from the abbot’s adjutant to the “fat” who was in charge of the US Navy’s logistics and material procurement officers, had been working for quite a long time. Not long ago, he was transferred to the command of the Fifth Fleet of the Middle East. .

There has been a famous scandal in the US Navy over the past few years. A Malaysian-born supplier has long monopolized the overseas supply of several US Navy fleets, and the price of US ships added overseas. The fuel is still expensive, not to mention the purchase of other materials. Obviously this is systematic internal and external collusion and serious corruption. The US military court has arrested and sentenced a large number of officers suspected of this corruption case. Most of these corrupt school-level officers are the suicides of the suicide lieutenant general, and some even directly appointed him to award the flag. These small fish and shrimp have been caught, but this lieutenant is fine, obviously there is a higher layer to protect him. I am afraid that there are new major clues to the case, and I can’t keep it. I can only lose a lieutenant. Looking at the degree of corrosion and the degree of disintegration of US warships, we know that such incidents are the tip of the iceberg in the US Navy. This is the case for the navy as a group of people, and the rest of the US is better off there.

The end of the Cold War, although the US overseas garrison has been greatly reduced, it still retains hundreds of fixed military bases, and each Overseas bases are a bottomless black hole that devours high military expenses! Due to the fact that the overseas base is far away from the Tiangao emperor and the budget is opaque, the degree of darkness is even worse than that of the bases in the United States. In the past few days, the Marines had just happened. In order to save the activities of the non-existent informants, they even murdered the roommates who were preparing to report. These people are just some small fish and shrimps. They dare to turn over the sky at overseas bases. As for the higher official positions, there are more bases in the gates, and how much US military expenses are. Only God knows!

The author believes that now is a US military overseas base, the budget for a year is billions of dollars, and the overseas bases that are actually undergoing war operations are less than 5% of all overseas bases. The next 95% are budgeted every year, eat dry rice! The mobile carrier battle group is not a fuel-efficient lamp! The US military’s carrier battle group will spend almost $2 billion a month on the ocean every month! The opponents only need to be extremely limited in spending, and the US aircraft carrier can only retire. This is a long-term consumption war that knows the ending from the beginning. In the long run, the landlord’s family will eventually be eaten!