This allegedly insulting the warrior's advertisement is irritating! Their lives are not to be ridiculed!

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This allegedly insulting the warrior's advertisement is irritating! Their lives are not to be ridiculed!

2018-12-06 20:25:01 112 ℃

Du Fuguo

This is the name we most miss recently

October 11th afternoon

The minesweeper Du Fuguo

In a mine-sweeping operation

Lost his eyes and hands

He is only 27 years old

See the last scene of the world

is the flare of the explosion


Our heroic fighter Du Fuguo

has been injured for more than a month

This time

He is working with the body Struggle

We also harvest warmth and touch from him

However, unexpected Yes

The gauze of the minesweeping hero has not been removed,

Unscrupulous merchants have begun to spoof!

After December 3rd,

A commercial about the smart lock brand

The Brick House is quietly on the line.


In the video, "Blasting Brick Home" The removal of bombs in laboratories and other places failed. The body was gradually blown up, and only one hand remained, but they always returned home and were “recognized” by their parents. The commercials finally held a broken hand. "XX smart lock, fingerprint recognition, one-button unlock".

The company announced before the launch of the "Blasting Brick House" A very powerful poster is a poster designed to imitate the "Bombing Expert" of Andy Lau's version.

Do you still remember the movie "Bombing Expert"? There is such a scene inside, a young policeman carrying a dynamite bag, even if feared inside, but firmly stood in the ground and shouted "I am a policeman! I have a responsibility! Stay away from the crowd! Stay away from the crowd! "Until the bomb exploded, his figure disappeared into a fire.

The scenes in the movie are exciting and exciting, and the tragic story is touching and impressive. . Once this poster was launched, it caused a heated discussion among netizens and expressed their expectation for this blockbuster. Unexpectedly, after the broadcast, is such a violent cold-blooded, allegedly insulting the demining warrior, has caused widespread concern.


Don’t be ignorant


Value Distortion

The company subsequently issued a paper statement
< /p>

But netizens don’t buy it

You may have thought of

some time ago

Demining hero Du Fuguo in the ward

accepted one Etc. Medal

He lifted his empty sleeves

Have a military ceremony


The encounter of Du Fuguo is not a special case:

In 1994, when Xie Fei was demining, two mines were suppressed;

In 1998, He Yuanchao was hit by mines during mine clearance operations;

In 1999, Wang Hua took new soldiers to mine and was hit by shrapnel;

In 2016, when Cheng Junhui was working on a steep slope, the rock collapsed and fell into the deep valley;

They, all sacrificed...< /strong>

Every minesweeper has already written a suicide note: In the morning, put the suicide note in a conspicuous place, Going out to perform the task; at night, adding new content to the testament, and then going to sleep; from the minefield, the first thing is to call and report to peace.

November 16, 2018

In Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, China-Vietnam Border < /p>

The dam's minefield on the west side of the old mountain

The officers and men of the Yunnan Army Minesweeping Brigade in the Southern Theater

Hand-in-hand walking test

Hand over the last minefield to the local people

The "Death Zone" has finally become a peaceful place

This marks the Yunnan section of the Sino-Vietnamese border

The third large-scale mine-clearing mission has been successfully completed

There is no “thunder” in the Sino-Vietnamese border

< p>


The officers and men of the mine-clearing forces are holding hands

singing the army The song went through the minefield

Tell the people with action

It’s safe!

Since the third large-scale mine-sweeping operation began

The mine-sweeping team officers and soldiers

Overcoming difficulties

The Yunnan section of the Sino-Vietnamese border

57.6 square kilometers of minefield

is completely excluded


mines and various explosives

19.82 million (fat)


Every mine-clearing soldier

Every firefighter

All are "dancers on the tip of the knife"

They have paid a lot for the safety of the people

even It’s life

Never allow this kind of play!

Proofreading | Ju Weiqiang