The Red Flag-9 missile was successfully exported, and this time it will never be deceived!

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The Red Flag-9 missile was successfully exported, and this time it will never be deceived!

2018-12-07 20:25:01 292 ℃

Speaking of the export of the Red Flag-9 long-range air defense missile, senior military fans will inevitably remember the past that was once deceived by Turkey. Turkey used the subtle competition of the three major countries of China, the United States and Russia to defraud the Chinese Red Flag-9 missiles with many technical secrets, but eventually tore up the agreement and instead introduced the Russian S-400 system, and the backhand disgusted a wave of the United States. I have to admit that the means of Erdogan is very old. If India has half of the political means of Turkey, it will not be bullied by the United States, Russia and Europe.

After many years, the Turkish villain tricks are ugly, but there is no need to worry about it. On the road of China’s rise, it’s normal to encounter some small flaws. We need to believe that as long as China's technology is excellent, sincere customers will come to the door sooner or later. On December 6, the Pakistani media officially announced that they would purchase 3-4 sets of Chinese long-range air defense missiles. The long-range air defense missile is the FD-2000 long-range air defense missile system, which is the foreign trade version of the Hongqi-9 missile.

Pakistan is China’s iron brother, and has established diplomatic relations for decades. At the same time, Pakistan is also China's most loyal weapon exporter. This time, Pakistan announced the introduction of the Red Flag-9 air defense missile system, which will never be as good as Turkey. Earlier, Pakistan has introduced nine sets of Falcon-80 medium-range air defense missile systems from China, namely the foreign trade version of Hongqi-16. For remote air defense capabilities, Pakistan is still in a blank position.

The introduction of the Red Flag-9 air defense missile system is able to fill Pakistan’s long-range air defense loopholes and help Pakistan build a complete medium Remote air defense network. Pakistani media said that Pakistan wants to introduce three to four sets of FD-2000 long-range air defense missile systems first, in order to fully prepare for the subsequent construction of a long-range air defense missile system.

Hongqi-9 is China's current long-range air defense missile system, with land-based and shipboard versions. The FD-2000 is the export model of the Red Flag-9. It is equipped with advanced phased array radar. The maximum search distance is more than 120 kilometers. It can track 100 air targets at the same time and assign 50 targets to be intercepted. Turn. The maximum speed of the FD-2000 missile is 4.2 Mach. It takes only 15 seconds from the discovery of the target to the launch of the anti-aircraft missile. The active radar seeker is used, and the maximum shooting height is 27,000 meters.

FD-2000 uses a closed missile storage transport launcher, which is filled with nitrogen in the launcher to maintain 10 Maintenance free of year, only need to be tested regularly. This has saved a lot of technical maintenance costs for Pakistan and has also eliminated many maintenance procedures. Simply put, if you buy it, don't worry, it's always available. In addition, the Tass news agency also announced that Pakistan has reached an agreement with China to introduce 200 sets of avant-garde series of portable air defense missile launchers to enhance short-range air defense capabilities. These short-range air defense weapons will be completed in Pakistan.

The arms cooperation between China and Pakistan has a long history and is getting deeper and deeper. China not only exports weapons to Pakistan, but also transfers some production technologies to help Pakistan improve the technical level of domestic military products, such as the Dragon Fighter. China and Pakistan have full military mutual trust. In the future, Pakistan may also introduce China's Type 054A frigates and even aircraft carriers. After all, the number of aircraft carriers in India is increasing, and Pakistan should have its own aircraft carrier!