Passionate! Air Force Bayi Air Show Team 6 歼10 fighters flew over the Great Wall

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Passionate! Air Force Bayi Air Show Team 6 歼10 fighters flew over the Great Wall

2018-12-07 20:25:00 223 ℃

Original title: Air Force Bayi Air Show Team 6 歼-10 aircraft flying over the Great Wall

Hao Ying Ying full mission 荡心间

Air Force Bayi Air Show Team 6 歼-10 aircraft over the Great Wall

The eagle and the Great Wall are in the same frame, mission and reform peers. On December 6th, the Air Force Bayi Air Show Team, known as the "China Blue Sky Honor Guard", flew over the Huangyaguan Great Wall in the depths of Yanshan, overlooking the magnificent mountains and rivers.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, six 歼-10s slid into the runway and took off in an emergency. They passed through the bustling city and the villages, and went to the Yanshan Mountains to carry out mission expansion training. It is reported that the Air Force has intensively promoted actual combat training in the new era of training and preparation. The training tracks of new fighters such as 歼-20, Yun-20, 歼-16, 歼-10C and H-6K continue to the plateau, the valley and the sea, and the ocean. Expand the extension. The flight of the August 1st Air Show Team over the Great Wall is based on the requirements of actual combat.

On the same day, the weather in North China was greatly cooled, accompanied by strong winds, which increased the difficulty of flying through the valley. The 6-machine formation has been continuously descending in height to stabilize the formation, and shuttles between the mountains and mountains.

"The performance team is ultra-low-altitude and flying through the valley, which is both a requirement for actual combat training and a requirement for aerobatic performances." Cao Zhenzhong, captain of the August 1st Air Show Team, said that it is because of the difficulty of daily training that the performance team can adapt to the needs of the country and the army, calmly and confidently move to the world stage, become the business card of the national image, and the window of the powerful country. . "

The Air Force Bayi Air Show Team is both an "honor guard" and a "combat team." They always maintain tactical training levels and combat duty, maintain night flight levels throughout the year, organize aerial refueling training, and improve remoteness. Maneuverability, multiple battle duty tasks, many aerobatic flight performances are derived from actual combat flight, and tactical use in actual combat.

"Look, that is the Great Wall! In the valley, the ancient Great Wall is like a giant dragon circling. In front of it is a picturesque mountain, overlooking the undulating territory. The pilot who flies over the Great Wall reads out the beauty of peace in the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland. Returning, the pilots Wang Xuesong and Tao Jiali said that at that moment, the blue sky blended into their blood, and the sense of mission of "the blue sky has me, the wing is peaceful" is in the heart!

Reform and open the cast iron wing, I The reporter learned that the Bayi flight show team replaced the equipment six times, participated in the military parade four times, and participated in the China Air Show eight times. Especially in August 2013, the August 1st air show team set up for the first time in 51 years. Guomen, flying in Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries for six times in the past five years, showing the Chinese spirit, Chinese power and the Chinese Air Force in the new era at home and abroad.


Source | China Air Force Network

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