Great people! A few artillerymen were idle, and they just shot a shot and even hit the Japanese general.

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Great people! A few artillerymen were idle, and they just shot a shot and even hit the Japanese general.

2018-12-08 10:25:37 258 ℃

In the period of the Anti-Japanese War, the 412th Division of the 138th Division of the 48th Army of China was stationed in the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province.

Because of the long-term nesting in the mountains, the officers and men have not been beaten for a long time, and even the shells are moldy. On December 18, 1942, several artillery units of the 3rd Battalion 9-seat anti-aircraft artillery team were worried that the shells would be out of use for a long time. Therefore, they decided to put a few shots to try, so as to prevent the 10,000-day army from launching an attack and unable to cope.

This day, the sun came out, the earth was warm, and several artillerymen carried several shells out of the warehouse, simple Wipe it, dragged an anti-aircraft gun, and placed it on the ground.

When they set up anti-aircraft guns and prepared to test a few shots, suddenly, a Japanese plane flying with the sun plaster flag flew along the Yangtze River and flew very low. The artillery just missed a target, so the aircraft was targeted. The squad leader ordered: "Put!"

Several artillery forces the artillery shells into the cannons and quickly fired them. The "咚" shells flew out, marking a beautiful arc, just hit the enemy plane.

"Boom!" After the enemy plane was hit by a cannon, it dragged a long smoke and crashed into the mountains not far away.

It’s also a coincidence that the plane’s commander of the 11th Army in Hankou was attacked by the Japanese army. He was returning to Hankou after the meeting in Nanjing. He did not expect to go directly to Huangquan. With him, there are 11 people, all of whom have lost their lives.

After receiving the report, the 412 regiment immediately sent troops to search for the plane crash site and found the Japanese army’s operational plan documents and accidents. It was discovered that the Japanese army that was killed was actually the Japanese army’s attacking general.

The news came out and the country cheered.

The Putian attack will become the highest-ranking general of the Japanese Army in the Chinese army in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.