Dai Xu: The US warships illegally broke into China’s territorial waters.

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Dai Xu: The US warships illegally broke into China’s territorial waters.

2018-12-10 00:25:42 261 ℃

Original title: Dai Xu: US military ships illegally broke into China's territorial waters and recommended sinking it

[Global Times-Global Network Reporter Guo Yuandan] "China-US Game and World Change" 2019 Global Times The meeting will be held in Beijing on the 8th. In the discussion on the topic of “Whether the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait will make another smoke?”, Dai Xu, the president of the Institute of Marine Safety and Cooperation, said that the US warships illegally broke into China’s territorial waters and proposed two The warship, one to stop it, one to sink it! "In our territorial waters, American warships are not allowed to run."

Dai Xu believes that whether in the South China Sea or the Taiwan Strait, the situation will be tense next year, which is not optimistic. "Why do you put the battlefield in the South China Sea and Taiwan? If there is tension in the Taiwan Strait, we don't have to think too much. The economy is the overall development. We must rescue the overall situation. But if the opportunity is sent to the front, why not? So, the situation is tense. Instead, it will accelerate our unification, but it is only the beginning of the war of liberation. Therefore, we are not terrible, we are prepared to wait and see, and as long as strategic opportunities arise, we must take the initiative."

Dai Xu expressed the same view on the South China Sea issue, arguing that the "freedom of navigation" proclaimed by the United States is a provocation against China and interference in sovereignty. The United States often says "freedom of navigation". China has never affected its freedom of navigation. It can sail freely in international waters, but it is not acceptable in China's territorial waters. "When Chinese warships intercepted US warships, many people were afraid. I don't know what to fear. I told them that the US warships went to this place again and suggested that two warships stop it, one to stop it, one to sink it, in Our territorial waters do not allow US warships to run rampant."

Editor: Zhang Qi