Russia does not hesitate to sell top weapons to China. Russia: It is up to China to open the world market.

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Russia does not hesitate to sell top weapons to China. Russia: It is up to China to open the world market.

2018-12-11 20:25:28 233 ℃

Recently, according to media reports, Russia has become the world's second largest weapon producer and the world's second largest weapon exporter. This also proves once again that Russian-made weapons are still sought after by all countries in the world, and China has once again become the largest importer of Russian-made weapons. Since 2002, the world’s second largest exporter of weapons has been occupied by the United Kingdom. In 2017, 10 Russian arms companies accounted for 9.5% of the world's sales, ranking second in the world; while Britain's only 9%, ranking third in the world.

Don’t forget that Russia can become the world’s second-largest arms exporter and also has a credit for China. It is China’s purchase of 24 “Su-35” fighter jets that allowed Russia to board the throne of the world’s second-largest arms exporter. This is indeed a gratifying event for Russia and China. For Russia, it can alleviate economic pressure; for China, it has strengthened its national defense strength.

As we all know, as early as 2012, China began to negotiate with Russia to introduce the "Su-35" fighter. Today, these "Su-35" fighters have been delivered to the Chinese Air Force. In fact, the process of buying the “Su-35” in China is full of twists and turns. China originally wanted to buy several research studies, but Russia is afraid of China's imitation, and it is much more to buy. After three years of arduous negotiations, it was finally confirmed in 2015 that China purchased 24 Su-35 fighters. Now the Su-35 has formed combat power and began to patrol.

The price of China’s purchase of the Su-35 is nearly $80 million, and 24 is $1.92 billion. In 2017, Russia’s total arms exports amounted to 15 billion U.S. dollars, and 24 Su-35s purchased by China alone accounted for nearly 13%. It can be seen from this that without the export of these 24 fighters, Russia will not become the world's second largest exporter of weapons. Thinking about the hard negotiations at the beginning, it is still worthwhile to look at the present. With the addition of the "Su-35", it is more secure to deal with the surrounding F-35.

Now, Japan and South Korea are equipped with F-35 fighters, and the number is constantly rising. The Chinese Air Force faces The pressure is also growing. Although the 歼-20, 歼-16, and 歼-10C have been equipped with the Chinese Air Force, the number is still too small. China has a vast territory and needs more advanced heavy fighters to perform major tasks. The Su-35 has the advantages of long range, large payload, advanced avionics, and good maneuverability. It is more suitable for escorting and expelling enemy aircraft.

Nowadays, 24 "Su-35" have been delivered, which to some extent complements the embarrassing situation of advanced fighters. Moreover, the performance of the Su-35 is also extremely powerful, as to whether it can compete with the F-35, it is hard to say. But on the Syrian battlefield, the Su-35 has already played with the F-22. In addition, you can also conduct confrontation exercises with the 歼-20 to thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of the stealth fighter. It is also possible to shoot down the F-35 in air combat.

However, there are reports that China will continue to import the "Su-35" fighter. The reason is not the same as that spread on the Internet, but to make up for the disadvantages of the lack of advanced fighters. With the debut of the "Taihang" engine with thrust vector technology, the so-called "China bought Su-35 is for the engine" rumors are not broken. Furthermore, this contract has great benefits for both China and Russia. Russia has become the second largest exporter of weapons, and it is good for its economy. Naturally, it has the strength to confront the United States. For China, it has not only enhanced the strength of national defense, but also distracted the attention of the United States. There is more time to accelerate the development of its own national defense force, which can be said to be a double-edged sword.