Japan wants to deploy submersibles in the East China Sea? Chinese fishermen: The opportunity to make a fortune is coming!

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Japan wants to deploy submersibles in the East China Sea? Chinese fishermen: The opportunity to make a fortune is coming!

2018-12-13 00:25:28 234 ℃

According to CCTV reports, Japan plans to build a new type of water with the revision of Japan’s Defense Program Outline. Under the unmanned submersible, there is news that the focus of the unmanned submersible is to be placed in the East China Sea, especially around the Diaoyu Islands. The move is intended to enhance Japan’s alert surveillance capabilities for Chinese submarines and other equipment.

This military expert said that treating these "underwater spies" can be done with their own unmanned submersibles, just like using tanks to fight tanks. There is also a "people's war" to help the Chinese fishermen "create income."

Chinese fishermen and the people in the Chaoyang District and the neighborhood committee It is also known as the Chinese mysterious organization. Over the years, Chinese fishermen have often complained about foreign underwater intelligence gathering operations. At the end of the 70th century, Chinese fishermen took out mysterious objects from the sea. After submitting to the country, they discovered that they were American MK-46 torpedoes. The Chinese Navy conducted research and development on this basis, and Chinese torpedoes also made breakthrough progress. In the past few years, the United Kingdom has put some underwater equipment into the waters around China. It wants to use these equipments to find out the seabed data and build a model, but it has not been long before it was taken away by Chinese Fujian fishermen.

It is said that in the disputed area of ​​the South China Sea, fishermen do not fish, specifically pointing to the US electronic reconnaissance ship to make a fortune, the US ship put down The towed sonar, the Chinese fishermen began to fish in the back, cut the connection line and take it home to sell the money. When the US reconnaissance ship came, there was a group of Chinese fishing boats to follow, and what to throw. As a result, there are often scenes in which the US military survey ship and the Chinese fishing boat are "drawing the river" at sea. For this reason, the US military is forced to use the slogan "Sound, no copper, no useless" on the scout ship.

This time, in Japan, experts suggested using multiple fishing boats to disrupt unmanned submersible detection. It is to dispatch a large number of ships to harass. For example, fishing boats repeatedly work in this area. Wired toss it off, there is no line to interfere with it, so that the sound can not hear clearly, the recorded voiceprint signal can not be accurately judged, resulting in it is recorded a contaminated database, a lot of invalid information will enter It's in the database. In addition, the author believes that the state can increase the incentives for fishermen, and reward those who can directly get the finished products. I believe that such a profitable and profitable sale will make many people happy.

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