Why is my country not equipped with grenade and grenade launchers? A small part is not fixed!

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Why is my country not equipped with grenade and grenade launchers? A small part is not fixed!

2018-12-13 20:25:37 1363 ℃

After the Second World War, the grenade launcher, a face-lifting weapon, gained considerable development and became the standard weapon for the main army's strong-rooted infantry units, as is common with automatic rifles and anti-tank rocket launchers. However, the grenade launcher was very late in our army. Until 1997, the Chinese troops stationed in Hong Kong were the first to be equipped with a 87-type 35mm automatic grenade launcher and a 97-type automatic rifle gun-mounted grenade launcher.

Similar to the long-term use of wooden hand grenades and the lack of large-scale installation of oval grenades, the main reason why China has not installed a large number of grenade and grenade launchers is not that the military does not pay attention to it. Nor is the army not needed. There are two main reasons for the long-term use of wooden hand grenades. One is that the production of wooden handles is too large. The second is the small flap knocking fuze of oval, grenade that is safe, cheap and easy to use in China.

The main reason for delaying the installation of a large number of grenade or grenade launchers is that China’s long-term security is uncertain. A cheap, easy-to-use fuze dedicated to small grenade. Don't underestimate this kind of small fuze, that is, the countries that can design and develop independently and meet the requirements of safe, cheap and easy to use small fuzes, there are few on the earth.

After the Vietnam War in 1979, China attached great importance to the grenade and grenade launchers used by infantry. In 1979, an infantry class of the Vietnam Army was equipped with 6 automatic rifles or submachine guns, 1 light machine gun, 1 American M79 40mm grenade launcher, and 1 RPG-2 40mm rocket launcher. There are 64 automatic rifles, 9 light machine guns, 2 heavy machine guns, 9 American M79 40mm grenade launchers, and 9 RPG-2 40mm rocket launchers. Some Vietnamese infantry companies are also equipped with American M16A1 rifles and M203 guns.

Our army found that the Vietnamese army is widely equipped with surface-killing weapons with grenade launchers as the core of the grassroots units. In this area, the PLA is even more blank. The application of the Yuejun grenade launcher made the Vietnamese army more perfect in the fire-fighting system of the team's point-to-face killing firepower, and the team's combat capability is stronger. In actual combat, it is often possible to fire first, and the firepower is far stronger than the PLA. It was not until the Laoshan battle in the mid-1980s that the number, type, and quality of the PLA infantry light weapons exceeded the Vietnam Army as a whole.

I also copied the US-made M79 grenade launcher in the 1980s. When developing the 81-type automatic rifle, it will be 40 The millimeter grenade is a standard additional weapon. At the same time, a number of gun grenade launchers have been developed. However, because of the long-term fuze technology of Chinese military workers before the 1990s. Therefore, these weapons are all in the trial stage and are not equipped in large quantities. In addition, after the practice of the battlefield, there are many shortcomings, such as excessive dead weight, poor precision, inconvenient operation, etc., so the grenade has not been equipped with a large amount of equipment, so it has been eliminated. .

Until 1995, China had the first ideal, reliable, and reasonably priced general mortar fuze, and entered the free kingdom of mechanical fuze design. By the end of the 1990s, China had made a comprehensive breakthrough in the technical investigation of the use of full-insurance fuzes for small warheads. It has developed fully-insurance general-purpose mortar fuzes, 40-mm grenade fuzes, 35-mm and 40-mm small grenade trigger fuzes, etc. Multiple models. The contradiction between safety insurance, reliable performance and process cost has been completely solved, so that weapons such as Type 87 automatic grenade launcher and gun-mounted grenade launcher can be widely used.

Now, with the advancement of mechanical and electronic technology, China has mastered the most advanced international light weapons ammunition programmable time Fuze technology, integrated light control technology for light weapons, has successively launched the "strategic rifle" of step-dumb-in-one, slammed grenade launcher and other models, and entered the world's first three rows in the field of light weapons.