The five permanent members have always had different opinions. In two cases, the five countries all voted unanimously.

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The five permanent members have always had different opinions. In two cases, the five countries all voted unanimously.

2018-12-13 20:25:38 348 ℃

As is known to all, after the end of World War II, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council were born. The five countries of China, the United States, Britain, France and Russia enjoy the veto power. For many years, the status and rights of this permanent member are indeed huge. In the more than 70 years after the end of World War II, many countries have envied this position of the permanent members and even looked at them. Take the matter that happened some time ago. The EU asked France to transfer the position of the permanent member to the EU, which made France fall into a dilemma.

For many years, some countries have repeatedly proposed to join the UN Security Council at the UN General Assembly. But for the moment, the permanent members have five positions. If any country joins, it will mean that another country is kicked out. Five countries have one veto power. Of course, such a thing will not happen.

In fact, India previously believed that its military strength reached the fourth in the world, and that India has the right to join the Security Council. India has maintained a cooperative relationship with the United States and Russia. The United States and Russia have no objections. Britain and France also have no objections, but on the surface, the four countries do not oppose India's accession to the Security Council. However, the four countries have never promised India to join on the same occasion, and India's request to join the Security Council has disappeared.

The main reason for many countries wishing to join the Security Council is still the right to the Council’s rights. After all, this A one-vote veto has a great effect on safeguarding its own interests. According to reports, at the meeting of many years, the five permanent members were basically useless to reach consensus, and even at each meeting, they stood on different positions.

But according to media reports, in two cases, the opinions of the five permanent members were surprisingly consistent, and all the veto votes were cast. The first thing: Turkey proposed that the United Nations abolish the five permanent members, and said that each country can take turns to serve as a permanent member, each country can enjoy a vote of veto, and after Turkey issued a proposal, many The state has agreed, because this is a gospel for some countries. However, the Turkish proposal has no effect. Even with the support of many countries, it is also voted against by the five permanent members.

Second thing: Some countries require a ban on possession of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests, nuclear weapons It is a very lethal weapon, but it also has advantages and disadvantages. Nuclear weapons protect human beings while threatening human beings. But so far, only some countries have nuclear weapons, so in the eyes of small countries, controlling nuclear weapons is undoubtedly for them. A threat, and they become victims without their R&D capabilities, and all they believe should abolish all nuclear weapons.

But the three nuclear powers of China, the United States and Russia are not good for this to happen. On the one hand, the abolition of nuclear weapons has caused great losses to its own interests. On the other hand, the abolition of nuclear weapons will bring the world into an unbalanced state, and this proposal has also been vetoed in full. However, for the consideration of small countries, the use of nuclear weapons is still principled, that is, "the use of nuclear weapons is not used against non-nuclear states." This is also the biggest concession made by the five permanents.