Not buying Su 35? The military trade contract is suspected to be exposed, and the Chinese side has imported a new model aircraft from Russia for the first time.

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Not buying Su 35? The military trade contract is suspected to be exposed, and the Chinese side has imported a new model aircraft from Russia for the first time.

2018-12-13 20:25:39 215 ℃

At the 12th Zhuhai Air Show held in November this year, the head of the Russian delegation revealed to the media that China and Russia signed three military trade contracts covering the land, sea and air sectors. This remark caused a lot of discussion at the time. Many people thought that China should import the next Su-35 fighter jet from Russia in the aviation field. However, the real military trade content may not be the case.

It was previously speculated that the Chinese side or the second batch of imported Su-35

recently, according to Russian satellites According to net reports, sources from the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that China and Russia have signed an in-flight purchase inflator contract. The Chinese side will purchase 15 new Il-78 tankers from Russia at one time, with a contract value of about US$1 billion. . The news also said that the Chinese Air Force will send pilots and technicians to Russia in 2019 to master the operation of the new tanker.

Hanging of the 歼-8II for aerial refueling-6

If this news is true, This means that this is the first time that China has imported large tankers from Russia. At present, the PLA's active large-scale tanker has only three Il-78 imported from Ukraine, and the rest are bombing-6 tankers modified on the basis of H-6. Its poor oil load is not at all Large tankers are difficult to meet the needs of the Air Force. For the People's Liberation Army, which aims to build a "strategic air force," a large tanker is one of the essential equipment.

Ir-78M-90A on the Russian production line

Russian news said The Chinese want to import the "new Il-78 tanker", which refers to the Russian-made Il-78M-90A tanker. Compared with the old-style Il-78, the Il-78M-90A is equipped with a new refueling pod, which increases the oil delivery speed per minute; and lengthens the length of the oil hose, thus lengthening the tanker and receiving The distance between the oil engines increases the safety factor.

It has been reported recently that the domestic transport -20 large transport aircraft has begun to install aerial refueling pods, or to explore and test flights for refueling. It should be said that this does not conflict with the imported Il-78M-90A tanker, which complement each other:

The photo shows that the Yun-20 is suspected of being equipped with a fueling pod.

On the one hand, domestic demand for basic transport-type transport-20 is strong, which is determined by the gap in strategic transport equipment. Before the conveyor gap has not been fully met, it is impossible to allocate a sufficient amount of the Yun-20 from the existing capacity to the tanker. In other words, before the Air Force gets a sufficient number of shipments, even if the future shipment of the Oil-20 conveyor is in service, its production importance and production rate are likely to be ranked behind the -20. Therefore, it is reasonable to import a small number of tankers from abroad to meet the needs of the moment.

Ill-78M-90A is the latest Russian tanker

On the other hand, Russia The military itself has a large demand for the Il-78M-90A. Due to the production capacity of the production line, it is impossible to fully open its supply to the Chinese side. Up to now, the total number of Iraqi-equipped Il-78, Il-78M and the latest Il-78M-90A is less than 30. If it can be exported to China as 15 in the contract, it is basically Russia. The limit of production capacity. In this way, while seeking the Il-78M-90A transport aircraft, the Chinese side will inevitably need to develop the domestically-refueled-type transport-20 in parallel.

The entry of large tankers will help the Chinese Air Force to fly further and become a true "strategic air force."