Church apprentice starved to death master? The Pakistani iron fighter can buy 7 million, and China can't open this price.

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Church apprentice starved to death master? The Pakistani iron fighter can buy 7 million, and China can't open this price.

2018-12-13 20:25:41 387 ℃

The 2018 Pakistan Karachi Defence Exhibition has just ended. In the one-acre three-point land in Asia, Pakistan’s Karachi Defence Exhibition has some status. Not only the status and influence of this “face” thing is gradually improved, but also can be followed. Earn some "lizi" and sell your own military products.

At the Karachi Defence Exhibition in Pakistan in 2018, Pakistan’s largest arms sales order was undoubtedly the order of 24 “Zhulong” fighters from the Azerbaijani delegation.

Azerbaijan delegation with a big order

Currently Pakistan All parties claimed that all "procedural issues" have been resolved. In plain language, all legal and procedural issues have been resolved. As long as the Azerbaijan delegation’s money is in place, the Pakistani airline’s “Jilong” fighter production line will be It can be started.

And these "Jilong" fighters are currently selling relatively cheap. At present, the basic price of the "Jilong" fighter is only 7 million US dollars. Generally speaking, as long as you can afford 7 million US dollars and the program is legal, then you can hold a basic "Dragon" fourth generation. The fighter went home.

How much money you have, you can provide the corresponding service

A lot of people should have noticed the "basic type" above. Indeed, the basic price of the "Jilong" fighter is only $7 million, but we also have better Block2 and Block3 "Jilong" fighters. And can also be partially modified and improved according to user needs. For example, the "Zhenlong" fighter aircraft purchased by the Myanmar Air Force has undergone aeronautical power upgrades.

The Burmese Air Force’s "Dragon" fighter

After some magical bargaining to send weapons to the service, Azerbaijan finally ordered the "Jilong" fighters for almost 500 million US dollars, sharing the price, almost the price of each frame is about 20 million US dollars, it seems to do Business is also very important.

The Azerbaijan Air Force is currently relatively thin. The Azerbaijan Air Force is mainly responsible for the air superiority of the old MiG-29 fighters and the older MiG-21 fighters. It is the Su-25 attack aircraft, a perennial evergreen tree.

The Azerbaijan Air Force’s family is thinner

and for Azerbaijan For the Air Force, the most lacking is the lack of air-to-ground precision-guided weapons. Although the Soviet Union’s disintegration also divided the Azerbaijan Air Force, the Soviet Union’s bodies are now able to take cold air. The Azerbaijani Air Force’s air-to-ground missiles are still available, and perhaps only the Azerbaijan Air Force knows it. .

Therefore, in addition to the 24 "Jilong" fighters, this $500 million order is also estimated to contain a lot of air-to-ground precision strike weapons. In order to be able to export the "Jilong" fighters, the "Jilong" fighters can not only use the mainstream air-to-ground weapons of China and Russia, but also be compatible with most of the common NATO-type precision-guided munitions in Europe and America. The "universal slingshot" of the flight.

Whatever hangs is the biggest advantage of "枭龙"

< p> The order for the "Jilong" fighter is more practical for Pakistan. Although Nigeria imported the "Jilong" fighter from Pakistan, its single-digit purchase volume, both economically and sustainably, is extremely limited and symbolic.

Poverty makes people do business

Azerbaijan purchases 24 The "Jilong" fighter is probably an aviation-level aircraft, and it can barely make the Pakistani "Dragon" fighter production line run longer. In the economic sense, it is able to accumulate corresponding funds for Pakistan’s independent upgrade of the iterative “Jilong” fighter.

Of course, if you have $7 million, you can also go to Pakistan at the next Karachi Defence Show. If you are in a good mood, you can buy a "Jilong" fighter.