Clever design! The Syrian rebels captured the Russian military robots and just wanted to give the US military a loud noise.

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Clever design! The Syrian rebels captured the Russian military robots and just wanted to give the US military a loud noise.

2018-12-13 20:25:42 1171 ℃

In recent days, the situation in Syria seems to have once again heated up again, because the Israeli side has rarely been to Syria since mid-September. The air strikes were launched, and at the end of last month, Israel again carried out air strikes against targets in Syria. Whether the recent air strikes launched by Israel will restore the previous air strikes, it is not known from the current situation. In terms of the recent Israeli air strikes, several parties have different opinions. According to Russian media, the Syrian army successfully used the S-300 air defense system provided by the Russian army to intercept and shoot down an Israeli warplane and its four missiles. However, the Israeli side and the Syrian side have denied this statement from the Russian media, saying that this situation is inconsistent with the facts at the time.

However, just a few days after Israel launched an airstrike, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially wrote to the UN organization, solemnly condemning Israel’s air strikes as a serious injury. The Syrian people’s actions, and Israel’s main purpose is to support the terrorist organizations in Syria and to break the progress of Syria’s return to peace to extend the Syrian crisis. At the same time, as the situation between Syria and Israel has gradually warmed up, there have been many cases in the confrontation between the Russian side and some of the opposition extremists.

It is said that the recent opposition extremists have accidentally seized a Russian unmanned combat robot. Just as the opposition is preparing to hand over the unmanned combat robot to the United States, and is secretly eager to prepare for the United States to invite the reward, this captured unmanned combat robot suddenly exploded, causing the opposition to directly Commandment. The United States, who was informed of the news, could not help but anger and accused the opposition extremists.

Because this unmanned combat robot was successfully handed over to the US military, once the relevant technical personnel of the US military conducted relevant technical tests on this machine, the unmanned war machine exploded. ,The consequences could be disastrous. Of course, this Syrian opposition to the unmanned combat robots that the militants accidentally seized is whether the Russian army is negligent or deliberate, and I am afraid that only the Russians themselves will know.

Not only is the US military pursuing "zero casualties" in the war, but the Russian military is also pursuing war "zero casualties." However, the US military is pursuing the perfection of the emergency medical rescue system in the battlefield, while the Russian side is pursuing the development of unmanned combat aircraft, hoping to replace the soldiers with unmanned combat machines, which can reduce the casualties of soldiers. Can maximize the advantages of unmanned war machines.

In fact, Russia’s use of unmanned combat aircraft in Syria’s chaos has long been commonplace in the world. During the second half of 2015, the Russian army began to invest a large number of unmanned combat aircraft into Syria to complete related military missions. According to reports, in August of this year, the Russian Uran-9 combat robot successfully passed the relevant tests on the Syrian battlefield. It is conceivable that during the June and July of this year, during the fierce attack in southern Syria, How many opposition militants fell below this 12-ton war machine. It is worth mentioning that it is not the Russian army's unmanned war machine that has passed the test in actual combat, which undoubtedly makes the Russian military's research in related fields take a step higher.