Still stimulating Russia? Poroshenko publicly shouted Putin: This is war!

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Still stimulating Russia? Poroshenko publicly shouted Putin: This is war!

2018-12-14 10:25:41 356 ℃

The first military Author: Zhi Song

According to RIA Novosti reported December 12, Ukrainian President Poroshenko in its own Facebook page to accept the United States released a video interview with Fox News. During the interview, when it came to the Kerch Strait incident, Poroshenko called "this is war." He said that the actions taken by Russian border guards in the Russian territorial waters were "aggressive" behavior. Although the Ukrainian president claimed in the interview that "this is war", Kiev did not make any statement on this. According to the published interview video, Poroshenko once shouted to the Russian President, "Mr. Putin, this is aggression, Mr. Putin, this is war. This is not a joke, not an incident, nor a crisis. Because your regular army is under the Russian flag. Attacked Ukrainian warships in international waters."

Undoubtedly, although things have passed for a long time, the anger of Ukraine has not disappeared, except In the wartime state, the suspension of the friendship treaty, Ukraine seems to have further plans. However, the current situation has entered a stalemate stage. The main supporter of Ukraine, the United States has made a symbolic response. The EU has serious differences on whether to open a new round of sanctions against Russia. On the Russian side, although the corresponding military preparations were carried out, such as the increase in troops at the border, the overall situation was still calm and did not show the intention to intensify contradictions. Therefore, this time the contradiction between Russia and Ukraine, only the Ukrainian side is still screaming, after all, suffered a big loss, the ship was detained, the personnel were detained, but all kinds of signs seem to prove that this matter was deliberately provoked by the Ukrainian side, then, bear A certain price is also a normal phenomenon.

Polosenko publicly called out Putin and directly spoke of the war. It is rare in international relations. Perhaps, Poroshenko intends to build his own strong image against Russia and build momentum for the next election. This is very rude and very dangerous. Russia has the name of a fighting nation. The most fearless thing is cognac. Moreover, Ukraine is not an opponent at all. Military strength is like a stone in front of Russia. Therefore, it depends on Russia. If you need it, it does not mind giving more The Ukrainian side looks at the color. At the same time, it should be emphasized that if there is a large-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the possibility of direct military intervention in the West is basically zero. At that time, the most unfortunate thing is only Ukraine itself. Therefore, any unilateral intensification of contradictions is, in principle, undesirable.

Russia and Uzbekistan used to be affiliated countries of the former Soviet Union. They have a very close relationship. They were once brothers and they suddenly turned their backs. It is a pity. The most essential reason is that the decline of Russia has led to a decline in influence. The traditional sphere of influence has been infiltrated by the West, but there is no effective means of coping. It can only look at the former "brothers" one by one, and have to say that this is Russia. It is very cruel. Therefore, if there is even a little chance, Russia will not allow the West to be so embarrassed, and will not sit idly by. Earlier, for Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO, Russia made it clear that military means were not ruled out because it broke the bottom line of Russia. The "Oriental-2018" large-scale military exercise can be seen as a signal. Russia is not afraid of war in order to defend its own national interests. This has also been verified in the Syrian battlefield. In the face of the US-British-French alliance, it is still not taking a step back, let alone today. Ukraine?

In terms of reason, Ukraine must calm down and try to resolve the contradiction with Russia through peaceful means, instead of stimulating Russia too much. Otherwise, the most troublesome and dangerous thing can only be oneself. Once the war breaks out, in the face of the tumultuous flow of Russia, no one will arbitrarily and blindly intervene, including the West.