Leading 歼-20 for at least 10 years? Australia bought the F-35 actually "drop powder"

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Leading 歼-20 for at least 10 years? Australia bought the F-35 actually "drop powder"

2018-12-14 20:25:01 195 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 14 The Australian Department of Defense website announced on December 10 that two F-35s landed at Newcastle Williamstown Air Force Base, the first time the US Air Force delivered to the Australian Air Force. Use the F-35 fighter.

Australia plans to spend $17 billion to purchase 72 F-35s to replace the country's aging F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter fleet. This is the largest defense procurement program in Australia's history and it is expected that the Australian Air Force will receive all F-35s by 2023.

In order to maintain regional strategic advantages, Australia has continuously strengthened defense cooperation with the United States, Japan and India in recent years. Bilateral and multilateral military exercises are becoming more frequent, and the scale and level of military exercises are getting higher and higher.

In addition to geopolitics, Australia is also actively pursuing advanced military technology and using it as the most important bargaining chip on the "gaming table."

For example, in July 2017, Australia and the United States secretly tested a hypersonic vehicle with 8 times the speed of sound at the Woomera Test Site in southern Australia. The test was exposed because of the “mushroom cloud” observed by residents near the test site. For another example, the Australian Army announced the creation of "the world's most powerful unmanned (aircraft) army." In another example, the size of the Australian submarine force doubled, and the Australian military spent $1.5 billion to purchase the MQ-9B "Death" drone.

Profile picture: The Australian Air Force's latest F-35A stealth fighter. (Image from the network)

Profile picture: Factory technicians paint protective paint for the F-35 fighter body. (Image from the Internet)

However, compared with the above-mentioned "small play" action, Australia's purchase of F-35's high-priced orders can be said to be the "most luxurious chip." The expensive cost and lifetime cost of the F-35 has caused the Australian government to be heavily criticized. In 2017, then Australian Prime Minister Turnbull responded by saying that Australia should give young men and women to the battlefield to defend the country and should give them the best weapons.

The Australian government strongly advocates that the F-35 is "value for money," and Steve Overwood, head of international business development at Lockheed Martin, also helped "hey," he said. Stealth performance far exceeds 歼-20. If you consider the comprehensive combat power, the F-35 is the leading 歼-20 for at least 10 years.

The words are still in the ears, but the Loma executives were quickly "faced", and the leaky is the "stealth performance" of the F-35 fighters that they emphasize and pride.

On the day the Australian Air Force received the first F-35s at home, the US media revealed that the F-35 would be seriously “unacceptable” in Australia’s extremely dry and hot climate. The stealth paint consumption is far more than expected, and the speed of “dropping powder” will be greatly accelerated – the most pessimistic situation, it may need to be repainted every time you fly a trip.

Profile picture: F-35 spray radar stealth absorbing coating. (Image from the network)

For the stealth performance of the F-35, the stealth coating may be second only to the shape of the aircraft, but the stealth coating on the body is tiny. Scratches can seriously damage the stealth effect of the fighter. A spokesman for Loma Company also admitted that the technical bottleneck in this regard still needs to be overcome.

F-35's "Big Brother" F-22 is notoriously "body-friendly", especially in terms of the cost of stealth coatings. It is said that the F-22 uses up to 6 layers of stealth material, and the stealth effect is good, but it is easy to “drop powder” and it is also awkward to maintain the maintenance staff. According to the statistics of the US Air Force, it is only necessary to spend half of the workload of the maintenance personnel on the F-22.

The stealth coating used in the F-35 has been improved. I haven’t heard of any particularly large leaks on the stealth coating, but it’s still planted in Australia’s “hot” climate. in.

High maintenance costs have been one of the reasons why Australians are dissatisfied with the F-35 Super Big One. Today's coatings are not durable and will increase maintenance costs. The Australian military maintenance personnel or the heavy maintenance of the "conservation" of the fighters, the F-35 "fill makeup" will become a daily, that scene will make people "brain pain." (Text / Dong Lei)