Check out the bill! After the US military stopped refueling the Saudi coalition forces, it required full reimbursement of fuel charges.

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Check out the bill! After the US military stopped refueling the Saudi coalition forces, it required full reimbursement of fuel charges.

2018-12-14 20:25:00 182 ℃

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On November 10th, the United States and Saudi Arabia unanimously agreed that the United States will stop fueling aircraft operating in Yemen for the coalition forces headed by Saudi Arabia.

Afterwards, Saudi Arabia said in a statement that Saudi Arabia has decided to ask the United States to stop its operations in Yemen. Air refueling is because Saudi Arabia can operate independently and does not require US assistance.

The US Defense Minister Matisse also issued a statement on the 10th saying that the US government supports the decision of the Saudi coalition forces, while emphasizing that the United States will continue to cooperate with the coalition forces and the Yemeni government to minimize civilian casualties and expand humanitarian assistance. .

Matisse also stated in the statement: "The United States and the Saudi coalition plan to help Yemen establish a legitimate armed force to defend the Yemeni people and effectively combat the activities of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State in Yemen." p>

(Source: Virginia Mayo/AP, Pool)

This refueling cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia is from 2015 At the beginning of the Yemeni civil war, the United States provided some limited support to the UAE and Saudi-led coalition member states, such as intelligence sharing, logistical support, and aerial refueling.

This time the United States stopped refueling the Saudi coalition’s aircraft, but the impact was not great. It has been reported that only one-fifth of the Saudi coalition aircraft require aerial refueling in the United States. There are only 23 aircraft available for aerial refueling in Saudi Arabia and six in the UAE. Therefore, it is not so important for the United States to add fuel to their aircraft.

(Source:Eurofighter - Katsuhiko Tokunaga)

But one thing, "money" is important .

The United States has spoken with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Now that it has stopped refueling your aircraft, let’s talk about the fueling fee now, and bill the fuel and service fees for the past few years. Let's make a decision~

How much is the bill? The US Central Command gave a figure: $331 million.

This includes $36.8 million in fuel costs and $294.3 million in flight hours spent over the years.

The United States also said that you in these countries may not want to rely on the accounts, these can be remembered one by one, you also better go back to check the bill, check and pay quickly ~

How does the United States think of it and let the Saudi coalition pay? A key person appeared.

The US Senate has a guy named Jack Ryder, a Democratic senator who, along with others, wrote to Matisse this year to let him fund the US military’s aerial refueling operations for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Conduct a comprehensive audit. Every bill has to be checked clearly. The Saudi coalition must be fully reimbursed for oil bills. The American people are not arrogant!

This letter of thought for the people is also very earth-moving. After the US military checked the account, it really found a greasy . The US Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca Rebariqi said in a statement: "The US Central Command has reviewed its records and found that the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have not paid for fuel and fuel operations due to incorrect accounting. The expenses."

The Saudi coalition is so embarrassed, how can the fuel costs not be paid? ! They must be fully reimbursed! So a $331 million refueling reimbursement bill was sent to the Saudi coalition.

Saudi's inner OS

This money still has to be paid. After all, whose money is not a big wind~

The United States and Saudi Arabia are also a pair of happy families. Trump is very fond of Saudi Arabia. After all, Saudi Arabia is very rich, and Saudi Arabia also gives the United States a face, a big wave, a variety of weapons to buy and buy! Looking at the money and the very important geographical location of Saudi Arabia, the US military is also happy to support Saudi Arabia behind it, when Saudi Arabia’s important foreign aid and the backing behind it.

However, as the Saudi coalition forces made many injuries to innocent civilians in Yemen, and recently the Saudi correspondent Kashoeji was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, things piled up together. The US Congress’s anger against Saudi Arabia is constantly increasing.

Despite the opposition of Trump and the US Department of Defense, many members of Congress have been calling on the US government to restrict the sale of weapons or other actions to Saudi Arabia.

The US Senate voted on Thursday to end US military assistance to the Saudi-led Yemen war. Member Bernie Sanders comes out

(Source: Associated Press / Alex Brandon)

According to The New York Times, December 13th, yesterday, the US Senate voted A call for the cessation of US military involvement in the Saudi Arabian coalition and its resolution in Yemen. This is the strongest protest by Congress to Trump's defense of the Saudi Crown Prince in Kasji. This is also the first time the Senate has invoked the 1973 War Powers Act to try to contain the power of the President to bring the United States into war.

(Source: Hani Mohammed/AP)

However, US Secretary of State Pompeo and Defense Minister Matisse has still defended Saudi Arabia. Pompeo said that the withdrawal of US military support to Saudi Arabia will cause more civilian casualties and will "greatly damage the national security interests of the United States and our allies in the Middle East."

It seems that for the United States, it is impossible to break into the war and end the war. With the support of the United States, the air strikes by the Saudi coalition forces have caused more and more casualties. At present, Yemen is experiencing the “worst humanitarian crisis”, all of which was caused by the invasion of Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition three years ago.

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