Demonstration? The Russian war and high-profile flying over the Caribbean Sea F16 and Su 30 flying

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Demonstration? The Russian war and high-profile flying over the Caribbean Sea F16 and Su 30 flying

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Reference News Network reported on December 14 Tass news agency reported on December 12 that the Russian Defense Ministry Information Office released a message on the 12th that the Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 flew about 10 in the Caribbean Sea. Hours, the V-16 fighters in Venezuela were accompanied in some stages.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that during the international visit to Venezuela by the Air Force delegation, the pilot of the Strategic Bomber Map-160 completed the flight over the Caribbean Sea. The flight time was about 10 hours.

The report said that the Russian Defense Ministry also said: "In some segments, the Russian bomber and the Venezuelan Air Force Su-30 and F-16 fighter planes jointly flew. The two pilots drilled in the air during the mission. Collaborate with each other."

The Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that flights strictly follow the rules of international airspace use.

Profile picture: Venezuelan F-16 fighter aircraft is accompanied by Russian military figure-160 bomber. (Image from the network)

Information picture: A photo taken of the Russian Army-160 bomber flying to the Venezuelan Air Force Base. (Image from the network)

The Russian Defense Ministry released a message on December 10 that two Tu-160 strategic bombers, one An-124 "Ruslan" heavy military transport aircraft and one Yier -62 passenger plane arrived in Venezuela.

The report said that this non-Russian-160 first such long-distance flight. These strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela in 2008 and 2013.

Reuters reported on December 12 that the White House said on the 12th that Russia has told the United States that its two strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons will leave Venezuela on December 14th, ending the decision to let Washington Annoying deployment.

The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in an email to the reporter: "We have spoken to Russian representatives and learned that their military aircraft landing in Venezuela will be in December. Leaving on the 14th and returning to Russia."

The "Russia Today" TV station website published on December 12th entitled "Delivery Force or Pilot Flight?" What is the Russian Tu-160 bomber doing in Venezuela? Report.

The report said that two Russian strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela, stimulating the nerves of Washington and causing the Western media to collapse. However, one analyst believes that the joint exercise of the Russian and Russian military aircraft in the region does not seem to be a real demonstration of force.

For the 10,000-kilometer flight over the Atlantic, the Russian media newspaper network’s military commentator and retired colonel Mikhail Hordalenok commented: “For the remote This is a good exercise for the aviation crew.” He also explained that the flight of only two bombers was mainly “one test”, which was designed to test the determination of the Russian crew and enable them to sharpen their skills.

Information Picture: Russian Navy "White Ash" M-type (Ya Sen-class) nuclear submarine. (Image courtesy of the Internet)

The report said, however, Hordalenok said that a small friendly visit to Venezuela did not have much "strategic" impact on the situation in the region, although this apparently Some dignitaries in Washington are uneasy. US Secretary of State Pompeo accused Russia of "spending" public funds and bluntly referred to Moscow and Caracas as "two corrupt governments."

It seems that only two Russian bombers have made the number one diplomat of a world power, whose military budget exceeds the sum of the six major military spending countries that follow, feel a little uncomfortable. At the same time, US Senator Marco Rubio warned that the United States should expect Russian aircraft to "go into the US air defense identification zone."

The report said that Hordalenok believes that although the deployment (these fighters) caused a big fuss, but this with the real force show - Washington likes to call it "delivery of military power" - in reality The situations that may occur are not similar.

The retired colonel said that in order to be "quite successful," this kind of display power needs to include a heavy bomber composed of about 40 fighters and guarded by more than 100 fighters. Deployed to Venezuela airports within an hour. He also said that the military power to be delivered will include some of the main battleships of the Russian Navy or the most advanced "ash tree"-M multi-purpose nuclear submarines.

The report said that Hordalenok said that this is not a "threat" to the United States or any other country, but "a demonstration of the military capabilities of a country" and said that its estimate "is not a big deal." Beyond the regular numbers, it is the lowest baseline (composed of military power).

It is worth noting that this will still be less than the number of US military hardware that used to participate in US-South Korea joint exercises near the Korean peninsula. In 2016, F-22 stealth fighters, strategic bombers, nuclear-powered submarines, amphibious assault ships and 15,000 US military officers and men participated in these military exercises.

The report stated that the exercise was held not only in the vicinity of North Korea, the two major imaginary enemies in the region, but also in places far from the eastern territory of Russia. Despite this, in the West, it is clear that no one thinks these exercises are "a threat to regional stability."