The plan is delayed for nearly 3 months! US F-35 stealth fighter entered the combat test phase

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The plan is delayed for nearly 3 months! US F-35 stealth fighter entered the combat test phase

2018-12-15 10:25:35 320 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 15 According to the US "Defense News" weekly website reported on December 7, the "F-35 Fighter Joint Project" office announced on December 6 that F-35 It has officially entered the operational testing phase, paving the way for a full-scale decision next year.

The office said in a statement that during the initial operational testing and evaluation, the "Joint Attack Fighter" (JSF, F-35 R&D project, this network note) combat test team will test this The performance of the fighters is "to find out where improvements are needed in the most stressful environments that are representative of operations."

The report said that Robert PELLER, the Pentagon’s independent weapons tester, head of operational testing and evaluation, will oversee the work and provide feedback to Congress and Defense leaders.

F-35 fighter program executive, Lieutenant General Matt Winter said in a statement: "The beginning of formal combat testing is a milestone in 18 years."

He said: "This is the result of years of hard work and dedication from the government and industry joint teams. They have completed the most comprehensive, rigorous and safest development test flight in aviation history. Although the aircraft is undergoing operational testing, "F-35 The Fighter Joint Project office will continue to support phased capacity improvement and aviation system modernization.”

Profile picture: US Air Force F The -35A fleet performs the "Steps Parade" show. (Image from the network)

Profile picture: US Marine Corps F-35B stealth short dangling fighter. (Image courtesy of the network)

The report said that earlier this year, the project began testing before the “initial combat test and evaluation”. However, the F-35 stealth fighter officially entered the “initial combat test and evaluation” phase a few months later than the project office hoped. The latest defense website (Breaking Defense) said that this was later than the test plan proposed by the project in 2012. 16 months.

In August of this year, Baylor pushed the start date from September to November, so that the latest software of the F-35 can be delivered. It is a version of the 3F software called "30R02". Baylor believes that this version will better support complex tasks and fix technical issues that may prevent such aircraft from properly connecting to the "air-to-air training ground infrastructure" system, which allows the F-35 to be used for training. Testing and training.

The report pointed out that after the crash of an F-35B fighter of the US Marine Corps in October, the project office announced that all F-35s in active service would be grounded to inspect the fuel pipes. In the few days after the maintenance personnel confirmed that there was no problem with the fuel pipe, most F-35s resumed flight, but the F-35 with a fuel pipe that may have hidden dangers needs to be replaced.

At the time, the Joint Project Office expressed confidence that initial operational testing and evaluation could still begin in November.

Information Picture: The US Navy F-35C stealth fighter was tested on the "Venson" aircraft carrier. (Image from the Internet)

However, a memo from the journal said that of the 23 fighters selected for the initial combat test and assessment flight test, there were 17 fuel pipes for the aircraft. Flawed. This factor, coupled with the approval of the relevant authorities to conduct a security check on some F-35s later in October, may result in the project missing the revised start date of November 13.

The report stated that despite the planned delay of nearly three months, the Pentagon's goal was to complete initial operational testing and evaluation by the summer of 2019. However, a report by the Air Force Colonel Warren Puri in September 2018 said that the test period may last until September 2019.

F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin said in a statement that the decision to enter the initial operational testing and evaluation phase indicates the progress of the F-35, which ends the development phase. And is moving towards full production.

The company said: "With more than 340 F-35s taking off from 15 bases around the world and providing outstanding performance for combatants, we have today and in the future of the F-35 weapon system. Ten years of operational performance, capability and applicability are very confident. The US Department of Defense plays a leading role in the official F-35 'Initial Combat Testing and Evaluation' and we look forward to providing full support." (Compile / Li Sha)