China's elite missiles are exposed in foreign countries! The command screen screen is unobstructed

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China's elite missiles are exposed in foreign countries! The command screen screen is unobstructed

2018-12-15 20:25:00 375 ℃

In the television report on December 13th, Uzbekistan, the largest country in Central Asia, once again exhibited a cutting-edge weapon from China.

And, the interior of the command cabin of this Chinese excellent weapon is also exposed for the first time!

Although the weapon is only a few short clips in the video, It is very eye-catching!

The Uzbekistan TV screen clearly shows this FD-2000 anti-aircraft missile from China! The FD-2000 air defense missile is China's strongest export-oriented medium- and long-range air defense missile. It is also the highest-end regional air defense missile currently owned by Uzbekistan. This missile has greatly enhanced Uzbekistan's regional air defense capability!

FD-2000 inside the command cabin

The highly confidential command-space radar target display has also been exposed. A single FD-2000 system can engage a 120-degree fan target

Media reports believe that FD The -2000 air defense missile is an export version of the Chinese Red Flag 9 long-range surface-to-air missile. In appearance, the FD-2000 has a special octagonal cross-section launcher. The overall visual appearance is similar to that of the Red Flag 9 and the Russian S300. However, according to the information we have now, the missile only extends the overall composition of the S300. The way, the key command fire control systems are independently developed by the Chinese side, and the radar and other areas even exceed Russian products.

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According to the tradition, Central Asian countries, including Uzbekistan, usually choose Russian and Ukrainian products when purchasing military equipment. However, China's FD-2000 missile system successfully broke this practice, and cooperated with cutting-edge weapons such as the pterosaur drone to enter the Ukrainian military almost simultaneously. In the competition, FD-2000 defeated the Russian S300 system with its name, which is very worthy of the people!

FD-2000 anti-aircraft missile equipped with phased array radar, the main feature of this type of radar is You can keep track of the most threatening objects while performing a scan search task. Therefore, this phased array radar can achieve the function of one machine and multi-energy, which greatly simplifies the radar configuration of long-range air defense missiles.

The FD-2000 air defense missile is not only very fast, but also has a fast attack speed. According to existing information, it takes only 12 seconds to 15 seconds to search from enemy radar targets to missile targets. Moreover, the FD-2000 missile anti-aircraft killing area reached 50,000 square kilometers.

The missile is China's first foreign trade medium- and long-range air defense system using vertical launch technology. After the missile is launched, it is directed to the attack object under the control of the thrust vector. Each launch vehicle can easily achieve 360-degree dead angle and full-scale attack.

When the FD-2000 anti-aircraft missile is launched, it adopts the principle of cold launching, relying on the gas produced by the generator inside the launching cylinder to drive the bomb-lifting device, so that the missile can be sent out of the launching cylinder at a speed. After the missile reaches the predetermined ignition height, it will launch its own rocket engine and turn to the attacking target. The biggest benefit of such a cold launch design is the ability to reduce high temperature gas attack on missiles and some devices, thus reducing the complexity of processing requirements for missiles and launchers.

The FD-2000 air defense missile system is installed on off-road vehicles to meet the needs of air defense operations of military and divisional units. The missile can not only perform local air defense for a fixed military heavy ground, but also provide all-round air defense protection for fast-moving armored units.

In the tender for the 2013 Turkish air defense equipment renewal project, the FD-2000 air defense missiles have defeated various advanced missile equipments in many countries and won the championship! China's FD-2000 and Russia's S-300 and the US "Patriot" are three-generation air defense missile series. The excellent anti-aircraft performance in the bidding process is not inferior to the two.

Although Turkey finally canceled the order for the project, everyone knows that this is not due to technical reasons. Similarly, the FD-2000 air defense missile has become more and more important in the global defense field.