The French general wants to rebel and send a collective open letter to condemn Mark Long! Said immigrants are about to destroy Europe!

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The French general wants to rebel and send a collective open letter to condemn Mark Long! Said immigrants are about to destroy Europe!

2018-12-16 10:25:01 391 ℃

Recently, Mark Long is really in a dilemma. Although Trump has never heard the sound of being impeached, the people’s Huang vest revolution has brought out the guise of the feudal monarch. And now there is no way for Mark Long to take the riot. The most unfortunate, these recent French generals are also disobedient, and issued an open letter condemning Mark Long.

According to French media reports, more than a dozen French generals issued an open letter condemning Mark The United Nations immigration bill signed by the dragon is a treason. And it claims that nearly 19 million illegal immigrants from Africa will flood into Europe and France, which will undoubtedly seriously damage France's national sovereignty and people's security. The report said that a group of French military generals publicly condemned their presidents not only in France, but also in countries around the world.

A number of countries including France signed a non-legal constraint on Monday The agreement is to provide a human rights basis for countless immigrants, and criticizing large-scale immigration will be seen as spreading hatred. This is actually to let immigrants come in. If you can't solve the problem, you can't solve it. If you break it, you will break the law. The open letter was also written by French general Martinez, and was signed by dozens of generals and generals, and even the former French defense minister. Said that this deprived France of more sovereignty and allowed those who had been beaten to resist.

They said that large-scale immigration is erasing civilized landmarks, and these immigrants are no longer Adhere to French law and regroup to Europe. Britain’s Minister of Environmental Protection, Janis, said the UN agreement would cause Europe to be inundated by new immigrants in the next six years, and the general’s open letter also used this statement to slam Marlon’s signing the plan. The plan will lead to the collapse of cultural identity and identity in European countries.

And French survey data shows that Markron’s support rate has fallen to 18% . The general public blaming the president is indeed rare. In time, Trump is so unwilling to see the country, and it is rare to see American soldiers accusing Trump or insulting Trump. Some French media say this may be the rhythm of a military coup. But these statements are a bit too sloppy. However, Mark Long is now suffering from internal and external problems and is difficult to get out of.