Is the world's most advanced tanker not made in the US? Breaking this technology monopoly and attracting many countries to snap up

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Is the world's most advanced tanker not made in the US? Breaking this technology monopoly and attracting many countries to snap up

2018-12-16 10:25:04 376 ℃

Which is the most advanced aerial tanker in the world? Perhaps everyone will say that the US Air Force is the new KC-46 "Pegasus", but in the Oolong eye, the A330MRTT developed by Airbus is the most advanced aerial refueling machine. It was once the US Air Force's new generation KC- The X tanker is the most powerful competitive model, but it failed after Boeing’s “sue”, but it lost its sorrow and sang, and it has become the world’s best-selling advanced tanker in recent years.

The A330MRTT is a refueling machine modified on the A330-200 dual-speed long-range passenger aircraft. It is the second tanker of Airbus after the A310MRTT. The A330 series is also the world's best-selling dual-speed long-range wide-body aircraft. It is much hotter than the half-wide Boeing 767. It is smaller than the Boeing 777 series. The maximum take-off weight is more than 230 tons. Now the A350 is in the upper position and is very mature. The A330 modified tanker is just right.

Image: A330MRTT of the French Air Force

A330MRTT, like the A310MRTT, is capable of carrying oil A multi-purpose transport/refueling machine that can carry passengers and load goods. Its maximum fuel capacity is 110 tons, it can also hold about 45 tons of cargo, and it can carry passengers like the ordinary A330-200 passenger aircraft. It is very comfortable. It is no wonder that the former British Prime Minister David Cameron started the British Air Force. When the newly purchased A330MRTT was a special plane, Mei’s first visit to China also took it.

Image: The business class of the British A330MRTT is no different from civil aviation

A330MRTT under the wing It is the British traditional two hose refueling pods, but it also broke the monopoly of the United States for the first time. It is the second in the world to overcome the hard-tube refueling technology. Its tail can be arranged according to customer needs. The refueling system uses fly-by-wire operation. At a refueling pressure of about 35 MPa, the refueling flow rate can reach 1,200 gallons per minute (about 3,620 kg/min), which is about three times that of the Chinese Air Force RDC-1 hose pod.

Image: Australian Air Force A330MRTT refuels F35 hard tube

Like KC-46, The rear end of the A330MRTT is not equipped with a special refueling operator's cabin like the KC-135 and Il-78. Its aerial refueling is completely controlled remotely by the console behind the cockpit. It uses a 2D/3D high-resolution/digital enhanced video surveillance system, which allows for inclement weather, by means of stereo imaging and laser-based infrared illumination systems. / Refueling in the air at night, the fueler is much more comfortable.

Image: A330MRTT fueling console

A330MRTT development, once wanted to be in the US Air Force A new generation of KC-X tanker plan "a share", the opponent is the United States to manufacture KC-46 based on Boeing 767, which is the KC-767 modified to Japan, due to the width advantage of the body, A330MRTT fuel ratio The KC-46 is 20% more. The KC-X plans to open the bid several times. In addition, Boeing continues to sue the US government and the military. Finally, the US Air Force announced the purchase of the "lower cost" KC-46.

Image: KC-46

This bid is "black and heavy" but it is also The A330MRTT made a live advertisement. The British Air Force and the French Air Force ordered 14 and 15 A330MRTT respectively. It was also a member of the NATO Multi-Task Fuel Tanker (MMF) in Germany, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, and even the US hard-core allies, Australia, Both South Korea and Singapore bought it, and the Indian Air Force is also inspecting it. So far, the total sales volume has reached more than 60.

Image: Singapore chooses to replace the US-made KC-135

It should be said that the technology is completely rid of The US-blocked A330MRTT is also very suitable for the Chinese Air Force. It is better than the Yier-78 or even the first-for-one Yun-20 tanker in terms of fuel efficiency and comfort. However, the EU still adheres to the Cold War mentality and the Chinese military. The sale has not been lifted, but this is already one of the few advanced European weapons and equipment that China urgently needs.

Image: Mei visited China at the beginning of this year, it is taken by it, the original author sees the watermark

There is a saying in China that after this village did not have this store, Oolong also felt that Europe has already missed it.

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