Russian big show MiG 35 super fighter: sit and wait for a big head, such as a big country in Asia

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Russian big show MiG 35 super fighter: sit and wait for a big head, such as a big country in Asia

2018-12-16 10:25:06 340 ℃

A few days ago, the Russian Red Star TV station released the fourth generation of the new MiG-35 fighter air flight video, its performance characteristics are very close to the fifth generation. The new combat test will be completed in 2019, when the fighters will begin service. According to reports from the United Aircraft Corporation, the MiG-35 fighter can take off in the state of the engine's afterburner, and the takeoff and run distance is 600-700 meters. At present, the staff of the Russian Akhtobinsk Flight Test Center is conducting a test flight of the MiG-35 and MiG-35UB.

In May 2018, the Russian United Aircraft Corporation revealed the news that the MiG-35 fighter began its test flight. The test of the new fighter should be completed in 2019, when the commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, Victor Bundalev, said on the display of the new fighter that the Russian Defense Ministry will plan to purchase the MiG-35 fighter and replace all of them with this fighter. Light fighter. It has been previously reported that Russia has included 24 MiG-35 fighters in the 2018-2025 national weapons procurement plan.

In the program of Red Star TV, Russian military expert Victor Mukhalovsky described the difference between the MiG-35 fighter and its predecessor, the MiG-29 fighter. Experts said: "The MiG-35 has upgraded its electronic equipment and aviation weapons, upgraded the engine, increased the amount of fuel, and increased the range. It retains the inherent characteristics of the MiG series, such as super maneuverability, and the proportion of fighters is cheap. But its capabilities and capabilities are sufficient to solve routine tasks at the tactical and tactical operational levels. The new MiG-35 fighter has good maintainability and can be replaced in just 56 minutes, breaking the world record. The new MiG-35 fighter It can strike 30 targets at the same time, with a range of more than 3,000 kilometers, and can also be an aerial tanker.

Russia thinks MiG- The market for the 35 fighters is still quite large, because many of the light/medium fighters of the Soviet era have exhausted their service life, and they are in urgent need of a fighter with advanced performance and relatively cheap price.

It is reported that many users of the MiG-29 fighters have a strong interest in this MiG-35 fighter, the MiG-29's major improved fighter. Even the Russian military has claimed that it will purchase hundreds of meters. Grid-35 fighter.

However, the more awkward thing is that the Russian Air and Space Force is only purchasing six MiG-35 fighters, or it is used to equip the "Swift" air show team. This shows that the current Russian Air Force troops against the MiG-35. This fighter is not very interesting, or it is not trusting the performance of the MiG-35. In the future, if the MiG-35 fighter is successfully exported and approved by foreign users, the Russian Air Force may be It is possible to actually purchase hundreds of MiG-35 fighters to replace the MiG-29 of the combat troops.

It is worth noting that in order to enhance the appeal of the MiG-35 fighter, MiG The company also emphasized that the MiG-35 has the ability to be converted into a carrier-based aircraft. The MiG-35 was originally modified on the basis of the MiG-29K carrier-based fighter, so the MiG-35 was to be converted into a carrier. There is not much problem with the machine. It only needs to strengthen the landing gear, increase the folding function of the wing, and increase the corresponding airborne equipment.

At present, only the Russian Navy and the Indian Navy are equipped with the MiG-29K. Fighter aircraft, MiG-29K carrier-based fighter aircraft as the two navies The current main carrier-based fighters are not qualified. According to the Indian side, the MiG-29K's body design strength is insufficient, and it is not suitable for high-impact blocking of the landing action. In daily use, Indian rice In the process of landing, the grid -29K has a phenomenon of shattering of the structure of the body and the phenomenon of parts falling off, which affects the safety of the fighter. The engine of the MiG-29K is also frequently faulty, which seriously affects the attendance of the MiG-29K, and the MiG-29K The carrier aircraft also has the shortcomings of short range and insufficient mounting capacity.

The MiG-35 fighter modified ship The carrier's comprehensive combat capability will be significantly improved over the MiG-29K. In addition, the MiG-35 fighter and the MiG-29K carrier-based fighter are very close in size and take-off and landing operations. For the Russian-Indian Navy, the existing mature MiG-29K carrier-based aircraft operating system can Directly applied to the shipboard version of the MiG-35 fighter, it does not need to be pushed to the end, this is undoubtedly the Russian and Indian navies are quite heart-warming.

However, the Russian Navy apparently will not "eat crabs" first, and first purchase the carrier-grade MiG-35 fighters, so MiG can only persuade India to act as a "big head." If India really decides to provide renovation costs and confirm orders, MiG will receive investment and orders from India before it can start developing the MiG-35 fighter aircraft. In the future, when India begins to accept the use of the carrier version of the MiG-35 fighter, and recognizes the fighter, the savvy Russian Navy will be able to purchase the carrier version of the MiG-35.

The Russian Navy’s original dream of the next generation of carrier-based aircraft will be the transformation of the advanced stealth carrier aircraft by Su-57. However, the prospect of the Su-57 fighter is unclear, the construction of the new Russian super aircraft carrier is hopeless, and the relevant funds are seriously insufficient. Perhaps the large-scale transformation of the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier equipped with the carrier version of the MiG-35 fighter is the main way to enhance the operational strength of the Russian naval aircraft carrier.