In this battle, our troops will be nearly twice as close as the enemy. This person has ordered that: 50 kilometers back, big fish

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In this battle, our troops will be nearly twice as close as the enemy. This person has ordered that: 50 kilometers back, big fish

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The first battle of the Korean War did not hurt MacArthur, giving MacArthur an illusion that China sent troops only However, it is a symbolic troop.

MacArthur asserts: "The Chinese did not participate in the war, and the war will end in two weeks."

There was a large amount of troops, and with the support of the powerful sea and air force, "Christmas." Return to the country's total offensive."

In the face of aggressive enemies, Peng Dehuai has ordered On the 7th, 12th, and 17th of 1950, 150,000 people of the 9th Corps of the Volunteer Army follow-up troops passed through the Yalu River in silence.

At this time, the first-line combat troops of the Volunteers reached more than 30 troops in more than 30 divisions of 9 troops.

The "United Nations Army" first-line force is only 220,000.

The Chinese Volunteer Army is almost twice as powerful as the enemy.

But after the military deployment, Peng Dehuai ordered the volunteers to withdraw 30 to 50 kilometers. .

The leaders of the DPRK were puzzled by Peng Dehuai’s withdrawal of military deployment and asked Peng Dehuai why he would not pursue victory in the south of Qingchuan.

This is a fighter. Peng Dehuai did not explain it at the time.

But in the later memoirs, he said: "They ignored the specific conditions of the enemy in the weapons and equipment. If we did not insist on their opinions and agreed to their opinions, then they would certainly not get the first. "The second battle is as big as the victory."

Peng Dehuai specifically analyzes the reason: "MacArthur Suffered from the first battle, but the main force of the US military has not suffered losses, and it is still unclear about the strength of our army. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to attack the Yalu River. It is better to avoid the sharpness, deliberately show weakness, and fight back and confuse the enemy and lure the enemy. In-depth."

In short, Peng Dehuai wants to use the People's Liberation Army to do a good job, looking for opportunities in the sport, to catch big fish on the banks of the Qingchuan River! "

In order to achieve strategic goals and encircle more enemies, the Volunteers decided to concentrate 30 armies and 30 infantry divisions and launch a second battle against the enemy in the two battlefields.

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On November 25th, the Western Front "United Nations Army" was lured by the volunteers to the scheduled battlefield, the flank exposed, the rear emptiness, completely In the battle of Peng Dehuai.

From the start of the battle on November 7th to the end of the second campaign on December 24th, the Volunteers won more than the scheduled plan. A total of more than 36,000 people were injured and injured. The US military has more than 24,000 people.

The Volunteers pushed the front line to the north-south area of ​​the "38th Line" and shattered the attempt of the "United Nations Army" to quickly occupy the northern half of North Korea, forcing it to turn from offense to defense. /p>

The second battle reversed the Korean War.